How Small Business Grow in Dubai

by Zaara 27, Jan 2020

How Small Business Grow in Dubai

Dubai is the trading capital of the UAE, offering unlimited business opportunities. There are several reasons that make Dubai an attractive location to most business people. First, the connection between the rest of the world is sorted. It makes easy for people to do business due to its strategic location and can be reached to various parts of the globe. Companies which are situated in Dubai have the future to reach over a billion people connecting through neighboring countries in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, West Asia and the CIS. One of the busiest and well-connected airports in the world is Dubai International Airport.

Dubai has seen an increase in the services industries in recent years, such as tourism, finance, technology, and media, including the real estate sector. Many features make Dubai such a booming entrepreneurial scene.

The leaders in Dubai are continuously improving the business environment for investors. Best facilities and reviewing its progressive policies are committed to being provided by them. If you have all the requirements, setting up a business is more comfortable. Fortunately, there are partners such as Commitbiz who can help ease the procedure of setting up a business in Dubai.

Top Business Opportunities in Dubai

There are several opportunities in various industries if you are looking to start a business in Dubai. Here are the top listed business opportunities in Dubai, which are small initially with minimal capital but a healthy Return on Investment (ROI):

1. Advertising

The advertising industry and digital media continues to show signs of growth. There is a massive opportunity for advertising professionals in Dubai. There are several business models and avenues you can consider if you are planning to get into this industry. Brand development, animation, 3D modeling, and media buying are some of the top advertising business opportunities. Advertising campaign developing, outdoor specialty advertising is included in others.

2. Apparel

Dubai is famous for many things, fashion apparel being one of them. It is a popular shopping destination for millions of customers from around the world coverage here to shop. Thus, if you are a fashion enthusiast, this could be a business opportunity that would connect you with customers worldwide. Be it the supply of women’s clothing, men’s clothing or kids wear, there is a high demand in Dubai. If your central point is on trendy models such as alteration service, boutique shop, children’s designer clothing, costume rental, custom button making, or any other similar model, you will get better returns.

3. Bookkeeping

There is request for professionals and firms that offer bookkeeping services, including various large and medium-sized firms in Dubai and the whole of the UAE. There are opportunities for the people who have a background in finance and accounting. You’ll be needing almost zero capital to start a bookkeeping firm in Dubai.

4. Consulting

The most profitable business opportunities in Dubai are offering consulting services. The benefits outweigh the challenges that come through the demand of extensive experience. Make sure you have all the significant licenses from the authorities before you start a consultancy business in Dubai.

5. Education

Dubai has one of the unique features, the presence of a vast number of expats of various nationalities. Therefore, anyone who can set up specialty schools, there is a big opportunity. To target working populations in fragment such as IT, hospitality and the arts; there are also opportunities for these industries. Certifications, licenses, and infrastructure are the main requirements. You can buy a franchise if you don’t want to start a new school.

6. E-Commerce

A growing sector worldwide, eCommerce for which Dubai has many opportunities. It is not that well developed as in the US, Europe, or China but the exciting thing here is that there are a lot of shoppers that you can target. Their shopping experience can be made adventurous and more convenient by connecting them with local retailers.

7. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the biggest industries in the UAE today. The tallest building in the world is in Dubai; the Burj Khalifa. It also has many residential and commercial projects, artificial islands, the biggest malls, and many skyscrapers. Therefore, there are various opportunities in different segments of real estate. There is real estate development, property management, or brokerage, and you can decide which one to venture in. The vast population of Dubai expatriates who need properties to buy or rent, the reason why this city makes real estate so lucrative and a large number of visitors the city receives each year. You need to have all the licenses to operate if you are planning to set up a real estate agency in Dubai.

8. Recruitment Agency

As the economy continues to grow, the demand for skilled labor is ever rising. Industries are driven with the help of the skilled workforce. Many businesses are setting up offices in Dubai each year. These companies sometimes face challenges in finding the right skills. Less than 1 percent is made up of the indigenous population. The language barrier is also a challenge. There is a prepared market for recruitment agencies, and apart from demand, recruitment agencies have been made such a lucrative opportunity as they need minimal capital.

9. Transportation

Dubai is a heaven for tourism. There are many unexhausted opportunities in the transport sector. Transportation gets directly benefited from tourism. Therefore, starting a transportation company in Dubai that can yield an impressive return for a passionate entrepreneur. The openings range from trans-city transport services to local taxi services. There is a high chance that this will have a direct impact on critical sectors, such as transportation because the economy of the country is expected to grow shortly.

10. Security

There is less concern for safety in Dubai as compared to other cities in the developed countries, businesses, and individuals here are not leaving anything to chance. For guards and security gadgets to protect the assets of the company, they need security firms who can offer these services. If you have enough knowledge in business and resources to set up a private security firm in Dubai, there is a huge demand. You can sell your assets to security systems and equipment even if you don’t want to get directly into protecting assets for the clients.

You might have identified a profitable idea from the above list of business opportunities and growth in Dubai. For the legal requirements and procedures, you do not have to worry because Commitbiz is here to assist you. Although Dubai is a lucrative business destination, remember there are rules that you have to research, learn and obey. You have nothing to worry as long as you play by the books and some guidance from Commitbiz. Contact us today!