How Low-cost Business Setup in Dubai is a Boon to SMEs?

by Zaara 27, Mar 2020

If you are planning to start a business with low investment, then Dubai is your go-to-place! The emirate is among the leading business hubs with an abundance of opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It’s strategic location and connectivity to other countries makes it appealing to not only business owners but also investors. 

The Dubai government is encouraging startups and entrepreneurs by making the business setup process easy and affordable. It has reduced restrictions on foreign ownership and reformed tax policies to suit the requirements of SMEs. Several projects have been planned to make Dubai one of the leading cities for small businesses.

Low-cost Business Solutions for SMEs

The initial investment has proven to be a significant setback for a majority of businesses. Most of the budding entrepreneurs refrain from starting their ventures owing to higher investment requirements. Dubai, as an emerging hub for startups, reduces this gap with plenty of low-cost solutions.

There are plenty of free trade zones available at minimal prices in the vicinity of the emirate. Freezone Business setup in Dubai is convenient for small businesses which offer a wide range of services. Some of the advantages include foreign ownership, tax exemptions, readily available office spaces, easy transportation and reduced renewable prices. Amenities such as these make it easier for new ventures to run their business at low operational costs.

Factors that Make Dubai Ideal for Startups

Small businesses are the primary reasons for Dubai’s economic growth. Therefore, it’s governing body are accelerating towards making Dubai a suitable place for thriving SME’s. The factors that make it ideal for setting up a business are:

Smart City Project

Dubai Smart City 2021 is a promising project with a particular emphasis on shaping the future of the UAE. The primary goal is to capitalise on technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous transportation to embrace the need of the future. SMEs are the driving factor that helps in the implementation of this ambitious project. It makes Dubai the most suitable business hub for innovations and technological advancement.


The primary task while setting up a business is to get seed funding. It has now become more accessible due to the amendments in government policies and tax reforms. The city is attracting many investors with its accelerating economic growth. As a result, investment opportunities for investors in Dubai are at an all-time high. It is a relief for emerging ventures and makes low-cost business setup possible for SEMs.

Digital Ecosystem

Company setup in the UAE has become seemingly effortless with digitisation. Essential business services are available on digital platforms for a hassle-free process. SMEs can capitalise on these faster and cost-effective setup services. Also, digitisation provides excellent opportunities for business ventures to innovate and flourish their businesses in the digital ecosystem. 


Dubai is at the forefront of advanced infrastructure facilities. The government is investing in improving the existing facilities to make it cost-effective and easily accessible. There are many projects planned for further development. SMEs can operate in readily available office spaces. World-class amenities and transportation facilities are also an added advantage for sustainable development.  

Key Benefits for SMEs in Dubai

With growing opportunities for SMEs, company formation in Dubai is beneficial and convenient. The benefits of setting up a business are listed below:

  • There are no minimum criteria for investment. Companies can start at lower setup costs and develop progressively.
  • Office spaces are available at prominent regions with accessible transportation and amenities.  
  • Availability of business visa has become much easier in less time.
  • Government policies have been amended to carter the business setup needs of SMEs.
  • It is easier for smaller ventures to thrive in Dubai’s business-friendly environment. 

Getting started with Low-cost Business setup

Starting a new business in the UAE involves a pre-defined procedure which can be carried out in several phases. It includes selecting a business activity, finding a suitable business location, choosing a trade, preparing the required documentation and finally applying for a license.

While the procedure is quite simple, it is always helpful to get a guided business setup service to make the entire setup process hassle-free. Here at Commitbiz Management consultants, we provide an end-to-end solution for all your business setup requirements. You can contact us today for business consultation and complete assistance in starting your business journey.