How can Commitbiz help you in Business Setup in Dubai?

by Zaara 21, Jan 2021

Dubai is said to be one of the most modern and progressive Emirates in the UAE. It is developing drastically in every manner. Investors are flocking into Dubai to establish their dream firms, as they realize the potential of the city and the future it holds.

One of the essential considerations while setting up a business in Dubai is the cost of business setup. Entrepreneurs and startups flock in this city due to tax-free incentives and pro-business initiatives.

You can either set up your company in a free zone or mainland.

Now, establishing a company in Dubai may seem like a favorable option. However, establishing a business requires a business plan. Understanding and researching the market conditions and explaining the legalities involved can be hard. Starting a business in Dubai is also adhered to by various legal departments and judicial bodies of the nation. Hence, hiring a business setup consultant or opting for consultancy services in Dubai is the right way to go.

But, it is not exactly easy when it comes to company formation, especially in the city of Dubai. There are many documents and legal matters that need to be faced and dealt with before one can even start their day in the office.

Various governing bodies are linked with this, and it is essential to know which documents, what legal forms, and what departments you should go to in preparing your documents when you start a business. Since it does not seem easy and straightforward, it is prudent to hire business setup consultants, particularly when you plan company incorporation in Dubai, UAE. Business consultants are experienced in various fields in the business. They are well knowledgeable about the things that you need to know so they can advise you concerning opening a company. In the UAE, the rules and regulations are quite strict. Hence it would help if you had an assistant on this.

How can Commitbiz help you with Business Setup in Dubai?

Our business setup consultants at Commitbiz can help you right from business incorporation to office space like -

1. We will help you in Deciding the Right Business Activity

The Department of Economic Development classifies every business in Dubai based on the activity. The classification states the scope and permissions needed by the business. Selecting the business activity will also help obtain the business license, and we can get you through this crucial step.

2. We help in Forming your Business Plan in Dubai.

When you plan to start your venture, understanding the process, functioning, and legalities of Dubai and the UAE market would be advisable. Hence, taking consultation and guidance is imperative.

3. We can assist you in Finalizing the Corporate Structure of your Business.

There are many legally implied company structures in Dubai and across the UAE. Businesses need to select a corporate structure before they set up their company registration process in Dubai. A business setup consultant can advise you which company structure can suit your organization.

4. We will deal with the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Our specialists know how the departmental agencies in Dubai regulate. The Dubai DED will grant all the permissions and licenses to do any business. The name reservation certificate and the passport copies of the partner are a requirement. Also, the demanded external approvals are to be submitted to the Department of Economic Development.

5. We will Complete the Documentation and Paperwork.

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) needs to adhere to the interest of the shareholders. Business setup experts in Dubai help you draft an efficient and operative Memorandum of Association (MOA). Business setup consultants also guide you with documentation and paperwork, ensuring that you are getting into a secure business venture. The other duties taken care of by a business set up consultant are collecting the business licenses for the respective departments and getting permission from the representative governmental bodies.

Get our services like business incorporation, office space, accounting and bookkeeping, corporate secretarial services, IP, local sponsor, and much more. Contact us today for more information.


Why is it essential for hiring a business set-up consultant in Dubai?

The company formation process is tiring and so hiring an expert makes it hassle-free for the entrepreneurs.

What are the services provided by the Commitbiz Management Consultant?

We provide end to end company formation services—be it an established firm or a new firm.

Which locations do Commitbiz cater to?

We provide services for companies in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

How does Commitbiz help in Dubai business set-up?

Commitbiz provides company formation services for Dubai Mainland, Freezone and Offshore locations. We also focus on business licenses, Visa services, accounting and taxing, Intellectual property etc.

What is the cost for setting up a business in Dubai?

It depends on the locations, activity you prefer, the scale of your business etc. Generally anywhere between 12000 AED to 55000 AED.