How Business Consultants can help Investors to Start a Business in Dubai?

by Zaara 01, Jul 2020

How Business Consultants can help Investors to Start a Business in Dubai?

Setting up their own business is a desire of many people and what better place to set up a business than the United Arab Emirates. This middle eastern country is a well-established destination for people in business and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE and is considered as the face of the country. The various benefits available to a business in the emirate of Dubai is a significant reason which attracts people in business globally.

Dubai is the abode of more than 200 nationalities and has almost 50 lakh people out of which 80% of the total population is immigrants. The people of varied nationalities have made it very easy for people to come to the country and set up a business in Dubai. Dubai consists of around 35 different free zones and a lucrative taxation policy which proves to be very profitable for any business. Apart from this, Dubai has excellent connectivity with the entire world and an outstanding and flourishing logistics industry.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, there is a huge demand for business consultants in the United Arab Emirates. Let us understand who is a business consultant, and why is he required to set up a business. 

Who is a Business Consultant?

A business consultant is an individual or an entity that provides various management advice to a business that will improve efficiency, profitability, and performance. Depending upon the extent of help a business consultant provides, they can also offer various services which can be required by a budding business.

A business consultant usually consists of an expert in a particular industry, and these professionals analyze the Business and the industry to predict the possible problems of the future and also provide solutions to it. Hiring a Business Consultant can be a very complicated process as there are many essential factors that need to be kept in mind.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Consultant

There are many benefits of availing of the services of a business consultant. Some of them are:

●Deciding the Business Activity

The business consultant should first understand the requirement of the client and accordingly suggest a business activity in case the client has not made up his mind. The consultants are either working professionals or experts, which will help the management of the business to make informed decisions. These consultants will also take care of all the legal formalities which will be performed for the incorporation of the Business.

●Selection of the Location

Selecting the location for setting up a business is one of the essential functions of a business consultant. A business consultant will conduct the necessary planning and research to find out the location which will suit the Business the maximum. Various zones of Dubai will provide different benefits to the company. There is also a question of whether to set up a business in the mainland or free zone of Dubai.

●Determining the License Type

In order to conduct any business activity, the relevant license should be obtained by the company. It is the job of the business consultant to keep you updated about the necessary license. The license to be acquired will also greatly depend upon the type of activity being performed. In the United Arab Emirates, four different types of licenses are available. These are:

  • Trading License
  • Manufacturing License
  • Ecommerce License
  • Professional Services License

●Determining the Organization Structure of the Business

The legal structure of Business plays a significant role in profitability and efficiency. The legal structure will decide how many tiers will be present in the organization and what hierarchy will be followed in the company. Each of the legal structures has its requirements that need to be fulfilled by the management of the company.

Thus it is imperative to avail of the services of a business consultant. The business consultant will take care that the organization faces no problem in the future. A business consultant can be hired even if you have already established a business and require assistance in a matter. The experts will provide you with up to date and relevant solutions to all your problems.

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