Health Supplement Registration in Dubai

by Zaara 23, Dec 2021

Health Supplement Registration in Dubai

Health Supplements Products are products taken by mouth and contain nutritional elements that improve the nutritious diet, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats or herbs. It is available in the form of pharmaceutical preparations, such as pills, capsules, powders, liquids or some other form of food, branded as safe supplements and not as conventional foods.

Dubai is one of the most dynamic trading centres, so thousands of goods are imported and exported to Dubai daily. So the UAE gov't has developed an evaluation framework for these health supplement registration in Dubai; to ensure consumer protection relevant to the product they are using. Each health supplement requires registration from Dubai Municipality to ensure safety desires.

Before importing health supplements into Dubai, it is essential to register with the Municipality of Dubai, as the department is responsible for writing health supplements in Dubai. Once the registration is complete, without any difficulty, you can join your product on the UAE market.

Dubai's lifestyle has been transformed by a rise in business prospects and economic growth. Foreign culture and new elements are taking place in Dubai. In most of the other developing town, people concentrate on their health and wellbeing as well. On a broad scale, this culture has given rise to the use of health supplements. Dubai is giving this modern trend its utmost importance. It is why nutritional supplements are not considered food and have a different method of registration.

Health Supplements Registration in Dubai

Health supplements are such products taken by mouth to provide the body with extra nutrients. Nutritional elements including amino acids, fats, vitamins, dietary minerals and herbs are included in these products. In the form of liquids, powders, pills or capsules, these nutritional supplements are available. The main aim of health supplement registration in Dubai is to ensure the protection of consumers. This system limits the entry of any dangerous health supplements and monitors them.

Documents Necessary For Supplement Registration

  • Clear Product Image.
  • Clear Product Design.
  • Certificate for Free Sale.
  • Report for Ingredients. (list of the ingredients of a product)
  • Analysis Certificate.
  • Certificate from GMP.
  • If any other related documentation is provided (e.g. Halal Certificate, ISO Certificate, etc.)

Label Criteria For Supplement Registration In Dubai

  • Name of Brand
  • Name of the Product  (a summarised overview of the product).
  • Manufacturing & expiration dates or Period After opening
  • Manufacturer Info
  • Net weight
  • The place of Origin should be declared clearly and should be precise.
  • Barcode of the item
  • Set number
  • Storage requirements
  • List of the ingredients and also mentioning the elements which may cause hypersensitivity
  • Directions for using the product
  • Medical claims unauthorised

Benefits of Health Supplements Registration in Dubai

Business-related health supplements in Dubai are becoming very common and appropriate. To achieve and preserve their wellbeing, people of all ages and sexes use these natural items. It is why new businesses are actively registering their everyday items here.

The following are significant advantages that draw companies from around the world to file their health supplements in Dubai.

  • Dubai's population is highly health-conscious, these items are used continuously by both people and residents, and their use is increasingly growing.
  • These products typically contain natural herbs and other such ingredients, but even without any medical device, people freely use these supplements.
  • There are international guidelines for the registration of health supplements in Dubai. It is why, without much nuisance, traders and merchants can re-export these goods to other nations.
  • In one of the many free zones, you can start any business where you can get tax free opportunities to import and re-export your health supplements.
  • It is also possible to import and re-export health supplements due to low production costs and low taxes.

Procedure  for  Health Supplement Registration 

Dubai Municipality is the responsible regulator that deals with health supplement registration. For the registration of health supplements, there are several steps -

  1. The initial move is to have a trading company registered in Dubai. This business will obtain from the authorities the requisite trade licences to become eligible to trade in health supplements.


  1. The process of product registration begins with the completion of an e-form available on the official website of the Dubai Municipality.
  2. The next step is to pay the entry fee specified for this purpose.
  3. In the next stage, a copy of the valid label evaluation of the product necessary for registration will be submitted by the company's representative.
  4. The registration of the commodity is completed following the fulfilment of all specifications.
  5. Now the company's owner or representative may procure from the office an original copy of the registration certificate.

The Requirement for Health Supplement Registration

Health supplements provide a significant linkage to their consumers' health and fitness. Therefore before importing or producing these goods, the utmost care is needed.

The following are the significant requirements for the registration of health supplements in Dubai -

  • The number of supplements for health must show that they are supplements and that they are not appropriate as a substitute for regular food.
  • Health supplements can only be traded by companies manufacturing health supplements. Such organisations need to get a licence and registration from within the UAE.
  • The only authority for the registration of health supplements in Dubai is the municipality of Dubai.
  • All banned flavours, colours and additives must be free from these supplements.
  • The banning of the substance can result in a false health claim or inaccurate facts.
  • For registration, full information about the manufacturing company along with the ingredients in the food supplements are required.

You must know that you must register any health supplement product in the municipality of Dubai before entering it on the UAE market. The procedure would ensure the consumer's protection and help to understand the product's intent, with standard label guidelines to be followed throughout the evaluation process. The requirements regarding the registration and approval of health supplements by the departments are taken care of.

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