Guide to Setup a Wedding Business in the UAE

by Zaara 21, Dec 2021

Weddings are the joyous occasions for those who want to get married and their friends and family. But it can also be stressful and expensive to make all the arrangements, as this required extensive planning and organizing.

That is where wedding and event planners come into the picture. Wedding planning service providers have become very popular in Dubai. Many couples are prepared to pay a premium to take away the stress and ensure that they can focus on enjoying their big day.

Suppose you are someone who does not only ace wedding planning, but also spheres in decorating, fashion, organizing, and even psychology. In that case, you qualify for a wedding planner or maybe even start your own small business in this field. With so many people opting for an extravaganza wedding, an entrepreneur like you might be an excellent opportunity to open a wedding business in the UAE.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that, just like planning a wedding, opening a business will also take time and hard work. This article will provide some vital advice on how to open a wedding business in the UAE.

Procedure to Register a Wedding Planning Business in the UAE

The steps are as under -

  1. The first step to setting up any business in the UAE is to decide on your business activities. This will directly affect the type of license you need and the most suitable legal entity for your business. In the wedding industry, there are many potential business activities to choose from, including wedding party organizing, event management, photography, etc. It is essential to list every activity you wish you carry out when making your license application.
  2. Next, you need to decide on a trade name. This takes a little more thought in the UAE than in other parts of the world because it has a strict, yet easy to follow, set of naming conventions. Please avoid any offensive or profane language. Avoid names of well-known organizations and avoid abbreviations if naming your company after yourself. You must also check that your chosen name is available to register.
  3. Next is to decide where you want to set up your Dubai business, i.e. mainland or free zone. There are many benefits to both. Free zones such as Fujairah Creative City offer advantages such as a quick and easy business formation process, ongoing business support and financial incentives such as tax exemptions and zero currency restrictions. Mainland setups, on the other hand, permits you to trade directly with the UAE market.

The cost of establishing as a wedding planner or wedding services provider such as a photographer will depend on factors including your company size, business activities, and location. In most cases, however, start-up costs are usually low.

Start your Wedding Planning Business Today with Commitbiz

While the steps needed to open a business in the UAE are not overly complicated, it does need a level of prior knowledge of the process. What’s more, it is essential to note that the application procedure is only straightforward if your business application is complete at the time of submission and free from errors.

To help you ensure that this is the case, it’s a good idea to work with a business formation specialist when establishing a new company in the UAE.

We at Commitbiz can help you right from business incorporation to office space - we cover it all. Get in touch with us today!


Which are the Top 7 Wedding Planners in Dubai?

Here are the top 7 wedding event organisers in Dubai -

  • Oh! So Desi

  • Elan Weddings

  • Gracious Weddings

  • Vivaah Weddings

  • Wedding Tales

  • The Big Night

  • Desert Bells Wedding Planners

What is the Average Wedding Cost in Dubai?

In Dubai, the average wedding costs around $81000 to $136000. Whereas for luxury weddings the cost can be in millions.

What Licenses are required for starting a Destination Wedding company in Dubai?

The licenses required for starting a wedding management company in Dubai are -

  • Since there’s nothing like a wedding planner or wedding organizer license, you should apply for a Professional License, which gives you great coverage & benefits like 100% ownership, sole-proprietorship, tax exemptions, etc. Professional licenses rea best suited for service-oriented businesses.

If you’re not planning to start a wedding planning business, but want to impart services like photography, videography, or anything else, even then, you should apply for a Professional License.

  • If you're on a limited budget, you should apply for a Freelance License.

  • Local License for getting an office premise.

  • Freezone License, since a wedding business is mostly management-related work & the services will be imparted by other vendors. Plus, there are plenty of benefits of doing business in a Freezone.

What is the cost of setting up a Wedding Business in UAE?

The costs are determined by several factors like the location, company size, business activity, etc. 

The approximate cost for setting up a wedding organizing business in Fujairah Creative City with 1 visa & co-working space will be AED 20,575 ($ 5601.64).

The startup prices are much lower to begin from.

Which are the best locations for Wedding Event companies in Dubai to start from?

Freezones are the most sought-after locations because of less upfront cost, & licenses get issued in 3-4 working days.

Out of the Freezones, the best one for a Wedding business is the Fujairah Creative City Freezone.

It has excellent infrastructure in terms of office spaces, wifi, telephone & fax services.