Guide to Obtain Courier Delivery License in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Sep 2021

Guide to Obtain Courier Delivery License in Dubai

In 2002 Emirates post officials met with the representatives of international courier companies to discuss the licensing system by which they can operate in UAE. The officials also discussed queries raised by the representatives regarding the then-new system and also noted it would continue to support the service business for their smooth running and as expected and promised by them the courier delivery service has been such a boon for the companies, country as well as the public equally. With the changing and fast-moving world that is today, people mostly opt for delivery service, which is an opportunity for people who are planning to start a courier delivery service in Dubai.

Types of Courier Delivery Services in Dubai

As a consumer, what if you had the liberty to use an electronic device to connect with an inter-city logistics cum delivery service via a phone call, website and application and do the work for you. Because of transit restrictions, the service would be restricted to limitations per city. Still, in other cases, depending on the license the company obtains, intercity logistics services are also available for premium pricing. The customer could complete various tasks via the help of a logistical outsourcing service such as –

  • Food delivery from restaurants
  • Intercity courier delivery
  • Door-to-door domestic delivery
  • Delivery of packages ordered from E-commerce websites
  • Logistics services in the UAE

The transit logistics and courier delivery services in simple terms have become a very convenient service for making people's life a little easier and less hassle-free therefore, the upscale demand is evident in Dubai for more such services.

Steps to Apply for Courier Delivery License in Dubai

  • In Dubai, any courier company must be licensed through the Emirates post group.
  • The owner or the company, from the concerned authority, must get the trade activity registration or commercial license done.
  • It usually takes around 20 working days for the emirates post group to issue a license.
  • You have to pay around AED 100,000 per license.
  • One can also apply for the courier delivery license online along with the relevant document through Emirates post group portal.
  • The courier services owner can be of any nationality.

Documents Required for Process

  • The passport copies of the business owner and the shareholder. [ If any]
  • Copy of the initial approval.
  • Reservation copy of Trade name.
  • A copy of trading register certificate and commercial license.
  • The copy of the lease contract, [if any].

Points to Remember before Starting a Courier Delivery Service

For every emerging business delving into the sector, here are a few essential points that can help in the long run -

  • Packaging. [Packing is one of the main aspects when it comes to courier delivery as it is the first impression and also there are many other factors involved in it, so therefore it needs to be done through well-trained professionals and experienced packers to avoid damages and loss that follows to the company.]
  • Shipping. [Make sure your company has a very good and fast transport facility to access to and from any point from where the order is being placed.]
  • Tracking system.
  • Custom duty.
  • Insurance.
  • Fee per credit card charge.
  • Express delivery.

Many brands and companies start in e-commerce by just taking a simple approach to shopping, but most companies use strategic shipping options to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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How much it will cost to start a courier company in Dubai?

It depends on:

  • The activity you choose,
  • The jurisdiction,
  • The scale of your business etc.

What license should I get to start logistics services?

You need to get a delivery service license.

To acquire a delivery license for freezone, do I need a physical office?


What are the activities under delivery services in Dubai?

Online store, café, flower shop, etc.

Is the delivery business profitable in Dubai?

After the rise of the E-commerce business and the online purchase practice, the delivery business has become more profitable.

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