Guide to Obtain an Investor Visa in UAE

by Zaara 23, Sep 2020

When it comes to business, employment, real estate and tourism, the UAE is considered to be the fastest-growing market in the Middle East region. The UAE government has created ample opportunities for people who would like to visit the country and conduct business. Various types of visas have been established to fit multiple circumstances such as the UAE investor visa, visit visa, visa for jobs, property visa.

Types of Investor Visa in UAE

Due to the vibrant market and quality business infrastructure in the UAE, people from all over the world come to the Emirates to seek investment opportunities or start a business. The UAE has different visa categories for these people, known as the investor or partner visa. Those who invest or start a company in the continental or free zones may apply for a UAE investor visa. However, it's important to remember that the Dubai investor or partnership visa application process varies depending on the emirate in which you apply. In the UAE, there are three significant types of investor visas, namely freezone Investor Visa, LLC Visa, and Property Visa.

1. Freezone Investor Visa

Investor visa in a free zone is a 3-year Visa. The method is relatively straightforward and does not include a UAE national endorsing sponsorship or buying a property in UAE. The Free Zone Authority maintains 100 per cent control over the process of developing visas and business.

2. Mainland LLC Investor Visa

Analogous to Free Zone Investor Visa, Mainland LLC also awards its holder a 3-year tenure. However, some conditions are added as the visa is accepted through appropriate UAE government departments based on the Memorandum of Association (MoA), LLC Agreement, and Partners List Certificate.

3. Property Visa

Property visa is a renewable two-year visa granted by the Dubai Land Department. Property visa holder provides citizenship for the client, an Emirates ID and sponsorship for the family. Unlike Freezone and LLC investor visa, the procedure requires approvals from Dubai Land Department, NOC from Police Department, Title deed from estate registration trustee department and Taskeen Application. This service allows an applicant to apply for a visa if the value of his residential property is equal to or greater than one million Dirhams (AED 1,000,000). The Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Centre provides this program.

What is the Cost of Investor Visa in the UAE?

The investor visa UAE cost varies for each jurisdiction and are listed below. Such costs for visas are subject to revisions by the respective authorities and can vary as necessary.  E-Channel registration is also mandatory before applying for an Investor Visa at the UAE. Experts at Commitbiz will guide you through the same process, and the E-Channel fees vary for different jurisdictions with a tentative cost of approximately AED 7,200 with a refundable element of around AED 5,000 on the cancellation of a trade licence.

How to Apply for a UAE Investor Visa?

To receive an investor visa in the UAE, you can either spend at least 70,000 dirhams (about 19,000 dollars) in the country's economy, by opening a business in one of the free economic zones or purchasing real estate in the UAE.

For example, here are the underlying real estate requirements, the cost of an apartment to get a resident permit is from 1 million dirhams (274,000 + USD) per person or family. Residence visa in the UAE is given for 3 years, after which you can extend it unlimited times. In physical words, a UAE resident visa is a passport sticker. Also, the Emirates ID card (or Resident ID), which offers necessary information about its holders, is also issued. This card is valid on all Emirates territories and can be used within the country instead of a passport. To save the residence permit, it is sufficient to enter the Emirates once every six months. Violation of such a rule entails blocking this document, and to obtain it again; you will have to undergo a restoration process.

Remember that one of the critical benefits of investor visas in the UAE is that the UAE investor visa process is much easier and quicker than in other countries, because of requirements of the entire procedure and about the costs you pay for the whole procedure. The rules for obtaining a UAE investment property visa are obvious and understandable. A foreigner who wishes to request a property investment visa in UAE has to purchase a property here with a price of more than 1 million dirhams, and then submit a suitable application for a residency permit in UAE. In some countries, you can receive an investor visa by depositing with a regional bank. 

In the UAE, an investor visa for a bank account is not released, only in case of buying a real estate or opening a company. In case you apply for a residency visa in Dubai, the real estate owner should note that to qualify for an investor visa in Dubai, the UAE, the item purchased should be in the residential stock when buying a house. By purchasing such a property with a 10,000 square meter area, you won't get an investor visa in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

Documents Required for Investor Visa

  • Passport copy (colour)
  • One photograph (white background) for entry visa application
  • Copy of memorandum of association (for LLC)
  • Trade licence copy
  • Partners list (for LLC)
  • Copy of service agent contract (for professional license)
  • Copy of partnership contract, if any (for professional license)
  • Original emirates id of another partner/pro (if you are applying through vision form)
  • Immigration establishment card copy
  • Last six month's bank statement (if the company is old)
  • Documents for medical
  • Typed application
  • Passport copy, visa copy and two photographs (white background)
  • Documents for visa stamping
  • One photograph with white background
  • Emirates id form
  • Original visa
  • Original medical certificate
  • Original passport
  • Immigration establishment card, LLC agreement, license & partners list copy

UAE Investor Visa Validity

The investor visa has a validity period of three years. Every three years, one must go through the procedure of performing the medical test and renewing medical insurance and Emirates ID in order to renew the visa.

Benefits of Investor Visa in UAE

Here are some perks of obtaining an investor visa in the Emirates –

  • Residency – Since an investor visa is valid for 3 years, it automatically qualifies for a 3-year Dubai residence visa
  • Sponsor family – With an investor visa, you can sponsor your immediate family members to become residents of the UAE. Immediate family members include children, parents, and spouse.
  • Ease of travel – It is very easy to travel to the GCC countries for business or leisure if you have a Dubai investor visa. The investor status helps speed up the procedure of acquiring a travel visa to these regions.
  • Long-term visa – having an investor visa and building a successful business venture in the UAE can leverage your prospects of acquiring the UAE Golden Visa. The visa is long term as it is valid for 10-years.

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What documents are required for the cancellation of Investors Visa in UAE?

  • Original Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Trade License Copy
  • Partner List (for LLC)
  • License cancellation certificate issued by the Department Of Economic Development (DED)
  • Share sale agreement which is attested by Notary Public

What is the process for canceling an Investor Visa in UAE?

  1. Submit the following documents to the Immigration Counter along with your original passport -

  • Share sale agreement which is attested by Notary Public
  • License cancellation certificate issued by the Department Of Economic Development (DED)
  • Partner List (for LLC)
  • Trade License Copy
  • Emirates ID
  • Original Passport
  1. You also have to submit your original Emirates ID. If lost, you’ll have to obtain an IDN certificate by submitting your original passport & it’ll be issued by the Emirates Id for free.

As a result, your Investor Visa will get canceled right away.

What are the documents required for a Dubai investor visa renewal?

There are 2 ways for renewing your investor visa -

So if it's through EDNRD then the following documents will be needed -

  • Photograph with a white background
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Original Passport of partner

And if through Non-EDNRD, the documents required are -

  • Photograph with a white background
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Original Passport of partner
  • Company Trade License
  • Copy of LSA or MOA
  • Immigration Card Copy

What are the documents required for Visa Stamping?

  • Original Passport of the Applicant valid for at least 6 months
  • Entry Permit of the applicant
  • Medical insurance certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • LLC Agreement
  • Copy of latest utility bills
  • Copy of tenancy contract
  • Copy of Immigration Establishment card
  • Partners copy list
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract
  • Copy of Passport with white background
  • Commercial/ Industrial/ Professional license