Guide to Obtain a Construction License in Dubai in 2019

by Zaara 22, Apr 2019

Guide to Obtain a Construction License in Dubai in 2019

United Arab Emirates has created a benchmark in every sector like tourism, business, architecture, state-of-art infrastructure, you name it. It has achieved many things in less time, thanks to the pro-development policies and practices of the government. One of its most celebrated cities, Dubai, has fascinated the world since time immemorial, even when it was not a famous emirate of the UAE. Today, the fascination has reached the zenith. The Emirate’s charm lies in its pristine beaches, fancy buildings, stunning open spaces, rich culture, and top-notch infrastructure. Its galloping GDP makes it a favorable destination to set up a business or seek a quality life.

These advantages have resulted in an unusual demand for office and housing spaces coupled with sporadic triggers like the Expo 2020. Dubai is currently witnessing one of its major construction razzmatazz.

Investors have realized the potential of starting a construction business in Dubai which has resulted in a spate of application to the Department of Economic Development (DED), the authority who handles the new business setup application in the UAE. You must know that, a formation of construction company requires you to get approvals, permits, and licenses from various departmental authorities in Dubai. So, coming to the main topic, construction license should on the top of the list while getting the approvals.

Construction License in Dubai- Things You Must Know

There is a huge competition in the GCC region for skyscrapers and Dubai clearly has the upper hand. The city is a hub to the world’s highest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ which has also given rise to tourism. No wonder, investors are giving major priority to construction sector in Dubai due to increase in the travel and tourism. To kick-start your construction business you will need a construction license apart from other permits.

Let us now understand important points to obtain a Construction License in Dubai.

  • Construction License is a type of Commercial License in Dubai. You need to apply for the same at the DED which is the official authority for applying licenses in the UAE mainland. When it comes to freezones, you have to apply for the license at the relevant freezone authority
  • You need to have a complete knowledge about the Building Law amended in the year 2013 before you start the company
  • If you want to be an engineering consultant, design as well as manage the project, you will need to apply for a Professional License
  • You must also hire consultants and engineers who can start their work after you obtain permits. It is the duty of the consultant to evaluate the soil of the construction site and determine its properties
  • After you get the approval from the DED for construction license, you must also get special approvals from other departments
  • One of such approvals is to get a building permit which will allow you to start the construction activities
  • You must apply for a G+1 permits which is issued by the Dubai Municipality

Once you get the construction license, there are a range of diversified activities that you are allowed to do. You can involve in large number of projects for several industries such as automobile, food processing, chemical plants, residential buildings, warehouses, and logistics.

Types of Construction License in Dubai

There are many type of a construction license in Dubai; each one having different requirements as well as difference regulation.They are-

  1. Building Contracting License
  2. Wrecking and Demolition License
  3. Steel Constructions Contracting License
  4. Building Maintenance License

Special Approvals for Forming a Construction Company in Dubai

As mentioned above, construction company formation in Dubai UAE not only requires clearances but also several special permits from environmental and civil works departments. Some of the compulsory approvals from the Dubai authorities are mentioned below.

  1. Water and Electricity Department- The clearance of these two authorities is mandatory as it provides the basic amenities to the occupants
  2. Drainage and Irrigation Department- This permit will typically provide liquid waste management and other disposable services
  3. Building Department and Dubai Civil Defense Authority- Both the authorities will keep check of whether construction company adheres to the construction norms or not

Construction sector in Dubai is on the top since last two decades and there is no reason for it to not attain amazing growth in upcoming years. And with the biggest possible event nearby i.e. the Expo 2020 is offering a great opportunity to all the investors. If these reasons are not enough to kick-start your dream project today, then we at Commitbiz are here to give you all the help and information that you need. Contact us today- even if it’s for a free advice.