Guide to Management Consultancy License in Dubai

by Zaara 19, Apr 2019

Guide to Management Consultancy License in Dubai

A management consultancy firm in Dubai works with clients to help them in the management of their resources and goals. The work would revolve around extensively with ambitious business leaders; so that to convert their companies into sharper, smarter, better versions. Given the significant global market chances as well as challenges, most of the companies are seeking to become strategy focus organisations.

The most critical aspect is not to have the ‘best strategy’ but an actual strategy that can be applied and executed successfully. If you are going to start your business with management consultancy license in Dubai, your client might be from a firm like government institutions or family own business, might be small and medium-size companies and might as well be the local and international group of companies located in Dubai.

Detail of Management Consultancy License in Dubai

Aligned along the mission of management consultancy license in Dubai is to help the management teams of the other organisation to create such high levels of economic value for them and provisioning answers to the organisations. Most importantly, business set up in Dubai is gratifying and management consultancy business is booming to provide solutions to all the emerging companies in the UAE.

  • License Name: Management Consultancy
  • Licence Activity Code: 741405
  • License Activity Group: Consultancy -D- management, information as well as marketing
  • License Type: Professional
  • Activity description:

Management consultancy license in Dubai allows for various activities mentioned below.

  1. provide administrative consultancy
  2. study the organisations to help them so that to improve their performance
  3. analysis of existing organisational problems
  4. develop a business plan for the improvement of production of the firm
  5. procedural engineering
  6. laying out graphical visualisation and related documents circulation as well as internal policy formation
  7. restructure and develop a strategic plan for the organisation
  8. updating the work procedures of a firm
  9. designing balanced scorecards for firms

Although the management company formation in the UAE does not allow performing field surveys and questionnaire before getting approval from the competent authority.

Description: Activity of Dubai management Consultancy License

You can perform the following as your primary activity through the management consultancy license in Dubai.

1. Market Assessment Activity

Market assessment is an essential task for many large and small as well as new companies. For any business assessment of complex markets can be a challenging job. As it requires local knowledge, as well as a wide range of in-house knowledge base and evaluation to assist the market.

2. Strategy Formation Activity

A Dubai management consultancy license holder can assist in strategy formation.  You can offer the clients locally as well as globally to develop a strategy for them. They form a full plan that suffices the below mentioned four aspects.

  • A financial policy that meets the owner chances
  • A customer service strategy that would help to achieve the financial goals
  • An internal process strategy that confirms that the client’s prospects are met
  • A business strategy that ensures the organisation shines in essential procedures and in the     execution of the overall strategy

3. Balance scorecard Activity

The strategy and execution is always base on using the balanced scorecard (BSC) framework. Globally, less than 10% of policies are effectively implemented. The challenge most the firm face is to have a robust and balanced strategic management system. The BSC operationalises the vision and builds a network of related goals; also targets, and creativity to help the firm successfully implement its strategy. The scorecard can be drop down into business at operational levels to create an Enterprise Performance Management System. This is another expert area where a management consultancy firm can help his clients.

4. Business Process Innovation Activity

This is yet another vast area where a management consultancy license holder can assist the client. An SME would find it more and more robust to improve profitability process or increase clients alone. Organisations are putting a lot of effort into improving their process and results. However, it leads to be time-consuming and offer low results comparatively. Thereby, many turn to management consultancy firm in Dubai to enhance their profitability by refining their working competence and for pleasing customer experience. Only a management consultancy firm in Dubai would help you innovate your business processes; and improve the performance of the organisation.

5. Service Excellence Activity

Global data shows that 50% of potential customers are lost by companies in 5 years. Acquiring and retaining a profitable client and finding new ones is the core of any positive business strategy today. With a more and more competitive market; the client also demands more bespoke and high service levels. It is straightforward math that client and services directly depend on one other. If you are going to start up a management consultancy in Dubai; then you have to focus on this activity as well. Mostly the firms ask for expert's advice on elevating their services level. Getting a management consultancy license in Dubai can let you perform the following main task to improve the performance of a client.

  • Customer segmentation
  • Strategy Deployment Road map
  • Customer contact analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • Customer Service Strategy Map
  • Evaluation of current customer service levels
  • Applying an exclusive benchmarking approach
  • Development of a new Customer Service Strategy

6. Human Capital service

Human Capital service is another critical service you can bet on with your management consultancy. As they advise the clients on human resources, change at every stage of their business. Select vital areas where they provide assistance. Also, you facilitate enterprise design and employee appointment for your client’s firm.

Through Dubai management consultancy license one potentially works with the client’s management team. Thereby, evaluates client's objectives, skills and assets, strengths as well as weaknesses and rationalises global and economic trends, an industry framework, technology trends, a regulatory environment, and suggest competitive dynamics to the client. The final outcome will be your road map for entering the market or enhancing saturation in the market. This includes suggested modes of entry like import, wholly owned venture, contract production, joint venture, and acquisition. We at Commitbiz are here to share our experience derived from years of expert consultancy solutions. Contact us for any query or support in setting up management consultancy business in Dubai.

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