A Guide on Top Business Opportunities in Bahrain

by Zaara 29, Aug 2022

Bahrain comprises 30 islands and has been a significant junction for trade routes because its location is strategic in the Arabian Gulf. Qatar is to its north, and the Kingdom of Saudi to its east.

Over a decade, the country has focused on opening its economy and managing the dynamic business environment to foster economic growth. As a result, it is a fast-growing economy, an upcoming financial hub, and a country with many business opportunities in Bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has been making waves with its lucrative packages, such as the benefits of the VAT system. As a result, it has done a surprising climb to become one of the top destinations in the Middle East for foreign investors.

The Top Opportunities for Business in Bahrain

The government has given investors several reasons to proceed with company registration in Bahrain.

Let us look at the options for choosing your business idea to set up a company in the Kingdom.

1. Banking and Finance Business Ideas in Bahrain

The banking system in the country accounts for 17.2% of the country’s GDP. This sector includes traditional and Islamic banks that offer financial services like retail and wholesale banks, specialized banks, finance companies, insurance companies, investment advisors, insurance brokers, money changers, securities brokers, and mutual funds.

2. A Construction Agency

Bahrain’s construction sector is more vital than ever due to the ever-growing investment in the infrastructure sector and capital inflow into industrial growth. Therefore, setting up a construction company in the Kingdom is one of the best business ideas.

The construction sector creates a considerable chunk of this country’s GDP at 7.5%.

3. A Restaurant

Food is always a pleasure factor for everyone; therefore, setting up a restaurant in the nation is a great and profitable business idea. The best location for this investment is Block 338 in the district of Adliya, which is also famous as the fine-dining hub of Bahrain.

Over the years, the culinary industry has grown and offered new cuisines and flavours.

4. A Real Estate Agency

The demand for residential property and official spaces grows with the increasing population. Bahrain’s real estate segment is quite a sustainable market that can offer a probability of huge returns. This sector has boomed in the country after tourism gained pace.

Therefore, this segment is likely to attract a vast deal of investment.

5. Tourism and Hospitality Opportunities in Bahrain

It saw increased demand in the tourism and hospitality industry. With many upcoming events, tourist traffic has increased, and the government has made many efforts and initiatives to foster the hospitality and tourism sector.

In addition, the Kingdom welcomes many tourists on Islamic holidays, mainly from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The visa services in Bahrain are also very easy and smooth.

6. A Financial Consultancy

This is another flourishing sector. Suppose you have the required experience in this field. In that case, it is undoubtedly a profitable business idea, whether you plan to start your financial consultancy services or set up a small bank.

7. A Digital Marketing Company

These days, a lot of businesses require digital marketing and advertising. After completing a professional course in digital marketing, you can establish your own digital marketing company by hiring a designer, content writer, sales executive, and web developer.

This field offers an excellent opportunity for someone who already has relevant experience working in b2b businesses.

8. Health Services

A hospital could be established in Bahrain as well. The Kingdom has long welcomed medical professionals from around the world. However, setting up a hospital is a capital-intensive and lucrative business in the country.

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Is alcohol manufacturing restricted in Bahrain?


What is the rate of customs duty charge for alcoholic beverages?

It is charged at a rate of 125%.

What is the Municipality tax rate for commercial and residential properties?


What is the area of Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW)?

1.7 million sq. meters.

Which is the best location for setting up a restaurant in Bahrain?

The best location for this investment is Block 338 in the district of Adliya, which is also famous as the fine-dining hub of Bahrain.