Growth of IT Consultants in Dubai

by Zaara 10, Mar 2020

According to a study which was conducted in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the United Arab Emirates is among the Fastest Growing Consulting Market Council in the world. The advancements in technology have resulted in the growth of the Information Technology sector (or the IT sector) in the UAE. The increasing number of people in business and entrepreneurs coming from all around the world have resulted in the growth of IT consultants in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most excellent places for an entrepreneur and has set up itself as the business and logistics hub in the east. The strategic location of the Emirate along with the gradually increasing expendable income makes Dubai a very lucrative place for setting up a business and every business nowadays require a robust IT cell for the proper function of the company.

Reasons for the growth of IT sector

There are many reasons due to which there is considerable scope for the development and implementation of the IT consultants. These are:

1.The rise in the population of the country

People are coming in from all over the world to set up a business. The indigenous population of the country is also on the rise. This means that there is a considerable number of people who need the services of an IT consultant. As the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, is considered as one of the best places to set up a business, there is massive scope for the growth of IT consultants in the Emirate.

2.Increasing disposable income

As time is going by, the income of the people has increased. This has resulted in more and more people trying to establish a business. With the establishment of each business, people must understand the importance of the IT sector. It is not possible for a company in today's era to sustain itself without an IT department. The IT consultants will help in laying a foundation for the IT department in a company.

3.The strategic location of the country

Apart from the population explosion, as discussed in the first point, the strategic location of the country allows for transaction in markets of three different continents. Also, Dubai is well connected with every part of the globe, making it very feasible to transport goods to the country and vice versa.

4.An increasing number of free zones in the country

Seeing the demand of the business class, the government of the United Arab Emirates has developed a number of free zones in the country. A free zone is a geographical location in which there are different rules for the companies, and there is no need for a local sponsor to set up a business. There are also such free zones which cater specifically to the IT and related sectors.

5.Global dependence on technology in on the rise

In today's world, it is virtually impossible to think of starting a business without assistance from the IT sector. The world is slowly leaning towards Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and the IT sector play a massive part in making these sectors accessible to the people. To gain knowledge from the Analytics and Big Data, first, we need to understand how the IT sector works, and this is where the IT consultants will come in.

6.Rise of e-Commerce

There has been an enormous impact over the consumers of the world, and now instead of the traditional brick and mortar retail shops, the people prefer to browse through the selections of an e-commerce retail shop. An e-commerce entity will require a number of IT professionals, and occasionally they might need the help of an IT consultant.

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The main job of an IT consultant is to help enhance the business by integrating information technology in the workings of the business and displaying how IT can help in making the business more profitable. It is very much necessary for a business first to consult an IT professional as they will adequately advise about hardware, infrastructure, management and various other aspects which will affect the business considerably making it an excellent opportunity for the businessmen and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

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