Getting an e-commerce license in Dubai Freezone

by Vidhya Sethuraman 23, Dec 2022

An E-commerce license in Dubai freezone is one of the most selling. This is because, globally, and especially in the UAE, e-commerce is expanding rapidly. 

The pandemic eventually drove the population online and permanently changed consumer behavior, which made the e-commerce business stronger than ever in UAE. 

Owners of businesses can now sell their products online or through a portal like Amazon using this license.

How to Obtain Dubai Freezone E-Commerce License?

The Dubai freezone e-commerce license is required for any online business, whether it is selling goods or services. The license allows businesses to sell goods and services online without registering with a local company. 

Obtaining an e-commerce license in Dubai freezone is straightforward and can be done within a few days.


Fill out the application form and submit it to the concerned freezone authority.

Documents Submission

Submit all the required documents. The documents required are mentioned below.

Pay the fees

Pay the required fees once after you receive a payment voucher. 


Get the license and proceed with your business operations. 

Documents Required to Apply for E-Commerce License in Dubai Freezone

You would require the below documents to apply for the license.

  • Passport of the shareholder
  • Trade name
  • Home country address
  • Visa copy/Last entry visa stamp
  • Passport size photo

5 Things to Consider Before Applying for an E-Commerce License in Dubai Freezone

The authorities have made it easy for foreign companies to set up their e-commerce business in Dubai free zones. If you have a plan to set up an online business in Dubai, here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Choose the right jurisdiction 

Many free zones in Dubai offer e-commerce licenses. However, CommerCity is the dedicated freezone for E-commerce in Dubai. You may choose which freezone you want according to your plans.

  • Choosing a payment gateway service provider

To make online payments more secure and convenient for customers, you must choose a payment gateway service provider that can provide you with multiple payment options, such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc.

  • Choosing a logistics partner for the shipment of goods

The shipment of goods is another important aspect of e-commerce business because it is directly connected with customer satisfaction and repeat orders, so choosing a reliable logistics partner who offers door-to-door delivery services at reasonable rates.

  • Website Development

The critical component of an e-commerce business is website development. This will help the business in building positive relationships with its clients. In addition, the company's reviews from customers on the website will help in its growth. 

The investor finds it simple to understand the dos and don'ts from the customer's viewpoint. The website must be user-friendly or customer-friendly to reap these benefits.

Advantages of obtaining a Dubai CommerCity License

The E-commerce industry in Dubai is reaching heights every day. The following points briefly overview the advantages of getting the Dubai commerCity license.

  • Lower operating costs

There are no requirements for a physical workspace, meaning you can work from anywhere with internet access and a computer. 

This makes it possible to save on operational expenses such as rent, electricity, maintenance, and equipment.

  • Accessibility and flexibility

The ability to access markets across the globe through online channels means that your business is no longer restricted by geography or borders.

  • Customer service is more convenient.

Customers can contact businesses via email or phone from any part of the world instead of physically visiting them.

Dubai CommerCity License Cost Estimation 

The activity and scope of the business you choose to run will always decide the cost of your e-commerce license. On average, the Dubai Commercity license cost around  AED 11,900 though it may vary according to your business needs.

Get a Professional Help For Your Dubai Commercity License

Our highly dedicated team at Commitbiz is always available to help you and lead you through the process. So, contact us with your investment targets to us, and we'll help you reach them, no matter what they are!


Is a license required to do e-commerce business in Dubai?

Yes, you require an e-commerce license.

Is there a dedicated freezone for doing e-commerce business in Dubai?

Yes, Commercity of Dubai is for E-commerce businesses.

In the UAE, is e-commerce profitable?

As global online sales continue to see a fantastic rise, the UAE is predicted to be the fastest-growing e-commerce sector in the world.

What documents are required to apply for e-commerce license in Dubai free zone?

You would require the below documents to apply for the license.

  • Passport of the shareholder
  • Trade name
  • Home country address
  • Visa copy/Last entry visa stamp
  • Passport size photo