How to Get Ejari Registration in Dubai

by commitbizadmin 18, Sep 2016

How to Get Ejari Registration in Dubai

If you are on the lookout to lease or rent property in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, your paths would cross with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority(RERA). This body is responsible for regulating real estate related activities and transaction in the vibrant city of Dubai.

The RERA has created an online registration system named Ejari. The purpose of creating the portal is to legalize and regulate the otherwise unpleasant relationship between tenant and landlord. Effective March 2010, it is mandatory for landlords to enter details of the tenancy agreement and property details at the portal. Each entry has a unique barcode assigned to it making it easy to reference in the future. The Ejari system helps in making transparent all tenancy and leasing agreements in the country.

The Ejari portal gets the entire process done quickly and efficiently. The process is online and does not require physical presence at the RERA offices. Additional services such as renewals, transfers, cancellations, and termination of agreement can be done online.

The documents required are:

  • Tenant’s Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID (mandatory)
  • Tenancy Contract
  • Recent DEWA Bill (or DEWA Connection receipt)
  • Title Deeds of the rented property (or alternatively, Affection Plan issued by Dubai Municipality)

Since the Ejari portal records all the legal agreements between tenants and landlords, it also serves as a repository of information on the availability of property for rent. The listings are put up on the government portal This serves as a listing site of properties up for rent, sale, and auction. De-listing happens immediately so the hassle for tenants and owners is greatly reduced.

The Ejari system may seem quite simple but it is imperative that the process is followed to the T, else the lease would not be deemed legal in case of any legal dispute. It would be advisable to take the assistance of consultants like us at Commitbiz, who have experience in getting the right paperwork done and complying with the process. Do get in touch with us for more information.