Get Abu Dhabi Freelance License and Visa starting at 530 AED

by Vidhya Sethuraman 28, Dec 2022

freelance visa abu dhabi 530

The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi has recently made it simpler for some skilled workers to apply for an Abu Dhabi freelance license with a visa starting at 530 AED without a company's sponsorship.

Does Freelance License, Visa in Abu Dhabi start from AED 530?

The answer is yes. The Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economic Development (ADDED) started the two-year employment visa. The authority made it simpler for qualified applicants in many categories to submit a work visa application without having a company sponsor.

ADDED has announced the availability of the Freelancer's visa, which enables UAE nationals—both residents and non-residents—to apply for a residency visa. However, the visa does not require office space as per the law.

The Abu Dhabi freelancing license validity for 530 AED is two years. Once it expires, you must renew it every year.

With the freelance license in Abu Dhabi for Dh530, the license holder can also sponsor their family in UAE. However, it is essential to remember that this sponsorship will fall under the family visa and not under the company name.

List of Abu Dhabi freelance License and Visa categories

In the UAE, many free zones provide licenses for freelancers. To obtain your license, you must submit an application to the free zone of your choice.

With the freelance license, you can work in your specialization anywhere in the UAE, regardless of the zone you apply to.

You must know these are the only following activities are covered under the Abu Dhabi freelance license and visa category. They are mentioned below.


  1. Software development
  2. Design and programming of electronic chips
  3. Project development 


  1. Web designers
  2. Information technology consultancy
  3. Producer
  4. Translator


  1. Interior designers
  2. Jewelry design, costume jewelry
  3. Fashion design


  1. Agricultural extension services
  2. Gardening services
  3. Reviewing accounting and auditing systems
  4. Food safety consultant
  5. Islamic financial institutions

The UAE freelance license provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime chance, whether you are a resident of the UAE who wants to freelance after ordinary working hours or a non-resident who wants to benefit from working in Abu Dhabi.

Individuals who provide certain services can now support the expanding economic activities of the UAE while advancing their freelance careers thanks to this fantastic effort by the department of economic development.

Get Your Abu Dhabi Freelance License Starting at AED 530 

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What benefits do freelance visas provide in Abu Dhabi?

You can operate as an independent contractor for businesses in the nation and gain access to working with many businesses.

How much does Abu Dhabi Freelance license with visa cost?

With the new initiative, it costs AED 530.

Do I require a license to freelance in the UAE?

With the new initiative, it costs AED 530.

Do I require a license to freelance in the UAE?

Yes, you require a license.

In the UAE, do freelancers pay taxes?

You don't pay personal or company taxes if you work as a freelancer in the UAE.

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