Garment Business in the UAE

by Zaara 21, Jun 2019

Clothing serves to be one of the essentials of man. Be it a small business or a big one; apparels business is a growing business that has got no end. The demand for apparels serves to be different according to different occasions. Each region in the world has a different clothing sense.

The UAE has been associated with oil for years. It serves to be a home of foreign expats that unites multi-lingual person under the same roof. Now, the seven Emirates are slowly merging to be apparel and textile manufacturing hubs. So, establishing a garment business be it a retail shop or a manufacturing firm turns out to be a profitable one, and is ready to move. This flexibility of UAE has widened the scope for business owners and entrepreneurs. There are around 150 ready-made manufacturers of garment essentially located in Dubai and near Sharjah. Accounting for close to 5.5% share of the world trade, the Middle East ranks the fourth largest exporter of fashion and clothing accessories.

If you are planning to expand your garment business, then this is all you need to know.

Textile Industry in the UAE

The UAE has a significant ground for the textile industry that targets from new-born babies to old individuals and stands as the second largest industry after oil industry in the region. The industry not only focuses on the regional market but also captures a mass market at an international level. Presently, the UAE serves as a textile importer for more than 50 countries including China, Japan, Korea, Asia etc. Such an expansion waves out opportunities to foreign investors as well as entrepreneurs to step-in this domain and starts setting up their own company in various forms like manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler etc.

Fujairah- The Biggest Textile Ground in the UAE

Setting up a business in the UAE is an excellent option. When it comes to garment business, business investors and entrepreneurs choose Fujairah as the ultimate destination. The region has got the largest textile factory in the Middle East, and also serves as a free zone. This acts as a big opportunity for investors who want to set up garment industry in the UAE region.

If it comes to the establishment of a retail shop dealing with garments, the investor has an option to choose locations like Abu Dhabi, Dubai- the strongest pillars of the UAE region. These regions serve as an excellent destination as they are regarded as tourist-hub and grabs enormous attention.

Before one proceeds to the company setup process or establishment of a shop in the UAE, let’s have a quick view of the necessary steps to be followed.

Steps to be Followed to Start a Garment Business in the UAE

  • Submission of passport and visa copies
  • Obtain the required NOCs for the initial and name approval
  • Draft the respective Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Figure out the respective location to commence your business
  • All the essential docs need to be submitted to the Department of Economic Development
  • Obtaining trade license is to legitimize your textile business in Dubai. A trade license must authorize the corporation to operate legally in the area, access public services and any other special opportunities to zone provides.
  • Local sponsor if your business is in mainland.
  • Costs can vary depending on the type of business establishment and jurisdictions           

Why Start a Garment Business in Dubai?

Some of the reasons that provoke a businessperson to set up a company in UAE includes:

  • Huge market to capture
  • An excellent opportunity to tap-in the nearby markets as well
  • International exposure enhances the brand building
  • Easy setup process in mainlandfree zoneoffshore
  • No personal tax to be paid
  • Robust network and connectivity that eases the transportation
  • Availability of seaports
  • 100% Foreign ownership

Now, to establish a company in a foreign land can turn out to be critical if you are not well-versed with the legal rules. At this point, having a helping-hand who is well-versed with the legal laws and company setup process can ease your task, and can help you to concentrate on the core business activities. Wondering whom to contact? Look no further. Your guide is just below.

Commitbiz| Your Business Guide

Commitbiz stands as one of the best business consultants in the UAE, helping clients to incorporate their business across the UAE. Ranging from the incorporation to establishing the core business pillars like accounting, taxation, VAT, etc. we do cover everything. Our business experts hold industry experience and are well-versed with the legal formulations and can guide you at every step in incorporating your garment business in the UAE. If you are interested in opening a garment trading company in Dubai, do have a word with our experts today. Contact us- we’d be glad to assist.


What type of license is needed for the garment business in the UAE?

General trading license

Does an import-export license is required for the garment business in UAE?

You may require an import or export license to do business both inside and outside the country, depending upon the kind and scope of your business.

What is the scope of the textile industry in the UAE?

The expansion of infrastructure, transparency, documentation, and tax exemptions ensures that the textile industry in the UAE develops to its full potential.

What are the things needed to keep in mind before setting up a garment business in UAE?

Before setting up a garment business in the UAE, it is essential to research the industry and grasp the benefits and drawbacks of each jurisdiction.

How long does it will take a garment business to set up in UAE?

It depends upon the jurisdiction chosen and the approval it requires.