Furniture Business in the UAE

by Zaara 07, Jun 2019

Furniture Business in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is considered as one of the most emerging nations of the world. One of the core reason behind this is that businesspersons widely prefer the location. Now, the Emirates haven’t restricted their business plethora to specific industries, because of which entrepreneurs, investors, freelancers choose the nation as their first choice when it comes to the business establishment.

As we all know that real estate is one of the booming sectors, it is to be noted that the growth of this industry uplifts other industries and business as well. One such business is the Furniture business. If you are looking forward to expanding your furniture business or is planning to set up a new one, then this article is for you. Do read below and understand how your business can grow in the UAE and what the nation holds for your business.

Furniture Market in the UAE

Initially, the furnishing business seems to be unlikely for the UAE market. Over time, it has been derived that the nation has been progressing in developing business opportunities, because of which it has become a hub for foreign expats. The lifestyle of people living in the UAE has seen growth which ultimately had driven the furnishing industry prevailing in the market. On the other side, import and export can be seen touching heights which were again strengthened by the furnishing department.  The UAE has been a significant export market to Asian, EU, as well as African countries.

Now, if you are planning to set up a business in the UAE Market, you need to keep in mind that different business industries have different needs. To stay ahead in the competition, you need to analyze and understand the market to be targeted.

Why Start a Furniture Business in the UAE?

If you are still wondering why to set up a furniture business in the UAE, then you can check the following points.

  • The booming real estate sector gives rise to the furniture needs
  • Different business has got different furnishing needs which makes your company versatile and stay ahead in the competition
  • UAE has become a global business destination, and setting up an office does require furnishing equipments
  • The lifestyle of the common people has been changing drastically, and it demands new interior decorations and furnishing needs
  • Furniture business turns out to be an essential manufacturing industry that contributes around 20% of the nation’s GDP
  • The furnishing industry contributes to the import-export sector as well
  • The nation has got a robust network with the neighbouring countries that will help you to expand your business
  • The Expo 2020 is predicted to boost the real estate sector, which again would drive the furniture industry to the next level.

These are some of the reasons that are considered by the business investors that make them invest in this growing sector. Now, before you start investing in the furniture business in the UAE, let’s have a look at the benefits that you will derive after establishing the business.

How to Start a Furniture Shop in the UAE?

If you are planning to set up your business in the UAE Market, this is all you need to follow.

1. Join hands with local sponsor

Depending on the type of business location you want to open a business, you might need a local sponsor if it is mainland.

2. Choose a Location

You have to finalize the location where you want to open the furniture company in UAE at the next stage. Business location will help your company to grow positively. 

3. Obtain Business Licenses and Registration

All the required licenses for the business setup and registration process need to be done. The documents can be obtained from the authorities and DED (Department of Economic Development). 

4. Understand the Business Jurisdiction

There are certain types of rules and legislation related to the furniture business in the UAE; understanding those laws is a crucial stage. 

5. Clear the Paperwork

Make sure you've completed all of the essential paperwork to start a business in the UAE, and then you are ready to run the business.


Benefits of Establishing a Furniture Business in the UAE

Some of the benefits of setting up a furniture business in the UAE include:

  • Growing Market
  • International business destination
  • Cheap Labour
  • Connectivity with the other GCC Countries
  • UAE provides multiple zones for a business-like MainlandFree ZoneOffshore
  • Free of corporate taxes

These are some of the advantages that you will be availing once you initiate the process of incorporating a furniture business in the UAE. Now, starting a company in a foreign land is not an easy task. Various legal considerations are to be followed, and the laws are to abide by. At this point, an expert can help you to set up a business in a hassle-free way. We at Commitbiz are destined to do the same and are here to help you in your business establishment process.

Commitbiz| Your Business Guide

Commitbiz stands as one of the best business consultants in the UAE who helps multiple clients to incorporate their business. We do deal with clients pertaining to different industries and help them to expand their business further. Our team comprises of business experts who are well-versed with the UAE laws and can help you in the incorporation process. Moreover, they provide tailored solutions according to your business needs. If you are looking forward to setting up your furniture business in Dubai, we are here to help you out. To have a word, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.


What are the significant trends in the furniture segment in the UAE?

  • Kitchen furniture segment
  • Bedroom furniture segment

What are the reasons behind the growth of Furniture Company in the UAE?

  • Increase in demand for residential space due to the nuclear family structure
  • An increase in the number of ex-pats
  • Development in the tourism industry
  • Stable oil prices

How much capital people are spending on renovating their kitchens?

AED 170,000-420,000

What are the top emirates in the UAE for the furniture market segment?

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah

Who are the major players in the UAE's home furnishings market?

IKEA, Home Centre, PAN Emirates Home Furnishings, Danube Home

Is furniture manufacturing companies in the UAE a growing business?

The furniture market is predicted to grow at 3.46% by 2026.

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