First Nuclear Power Station Organised by the UAE, to Start Operating by Early 2020

by Zaara 03, Jan 2020

Many parts of the world deserve the importance of certification. UAE is one of the countries where accreditation and licensing are highly valued. For any business to grow and run smoothly in the UAE, the policies, regulations and rules have to be strictly followed.

The Nawah Energy Company is a part ENEC body which operates and maintains the Units at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant. It is now at the stage of developing four nuclear energy units at Barakah itself. The construction of the four units is on a completion rate of more than 93 per cent.

Nawah Energy Company is all set to operate the first-ever nuclear power station between the late 2019 and early 2020. The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant is the first nuclear power station in the UAE and is still in the process to commence the operations of the first unit. There is some pending regulatory approval as of now, which is expected to get agreed soon.

The UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program

The project is a crucial juncture for the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program. It’s all about investment in a project which encourages sustainability and attains the nation’s determining goals. The UAE peaceful nuclear energy program is entertaining high valued job opportunities that are going to change the UAE’s economy. This will ultimately support sustainable development for the near future.

Policies Undertook by the UAE on Nuclear Energy

The activities which are executed by ENEC shall always be under the UAE’s Policy on Nuclear Energy. The policy states the UAE’s outlook towards the development of nuclear energy in the country and also highlights the promise of job opportunities and sustainability. The UAE is committed to some of the policies under which Nuclear Energy has established. They are:

1. Complete Operational Transparency That the UAE is Committed To

     The UAE is committed to complete operational transparency to gain adequate support from the Government and other firms which play an important role in building a secure domestic nuclear power sector.

2. To Pursue the Highest Standards of Non-proliferation

     The UAE had made a political commitment to non-proliferation in 1995. Several steps were taken to support the commitment towards non-proliferation, most importantly, the legal and institutional changes under Security Council Resolution 1540.

3. To Get the Highest Standards of Safety and Security

    Safety and security must always be an essential aspect of preventing consequences. The UAE has implemented the highest standard of safety management. There are a few things which are required for safety measures- safety equipment and emergency response. These might help in preventing the accidental condition.

4.Conformity Towards the Standards in Organising a Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program

     The UAE has planned to work with The International Atomic Agency (IAEA), which promotes the peaceful usage of nuclear energy. To build a legal framework, the UAE intends to seek IAEA’s peer review frequently.

5.The Capability of Partnering with the Government and Different Firms to Develop Any Peaceful Domestic Nuclear Power along with the Support of the Appropriate Experts

     The UAE is targeting to cooperate with the government and different firms that help reach the highest standards of safety, security and non-proliferation. Taking assistance at the Government-to-Government level and creation of commercial and investment opportunities at the private-sector level would be a great help for the near future.

6. Ensuring Long-term Sustainability Can Be the Best Approach for Any Peaceful Domestic Nuclear Power Program

    The UAE would continue ensuring the safety and security of the nuclear power plant along with its sheltered operation. Investing in the development and upgrades would be helpful for the maximum level of training.

Steps to Incorporate a Nuclear Power Plant

If you are planning to build a nuclear plant, you need to follow a lot of steps. New Nuclear Power plants typically incur high capital costs for building up. The plant is involved with a lot of engineers and colossal value. Obtaining Industrial licence in Dubai is essential to start the plant.

  • Applying and getting an appropriate license from DED, which will allow the company to build and operate easily.
  • Selection of the site, i.e. the land that you’re planning to select on shall be free of extreme natural events like tsunami, earthquake and other disasters.
  • Procurement of components, machinery and commodities.
  • Constructing the nuclear plant with the help of experienced engineers.

To ensure the continued rapid development and meet future demand, the UAE’s interest is to evaluate and develop additional sources of electricity thoroughly. The official UAE entities have conducted an analysis recently, which gave a conclusion that the demand for electricity is expected to upswing to more than 40,000 MWs (Mega Watts) by 2020. The report was compared to the annual growth rate of roughly 9% from 2007 onward.

First Nuclear Power Station

The UAE Government believes that policies, strategies and actions would help in placing a new standard of meeting the growing demand for electricity. If you are finding a way to design a detailed implementation plan, Commitbiz is a platform wherein you can have an access of different services related to setting up any kind of business in the UAE and different other countries. You can contact us and seek help regarding business you are planning to build-up.


Which Is The First Nuclear Power Plant In UAE?

Barakah Nuclear Power Plant is the first nuclear power plant in UAE

What is the UAE nuclear program?

It’s a government initiative for promoting sustainability via the usage of nuclear energy in UAE. The government’s aim is to encourage more investment in this sector by other government & private organizations for boosting UAE’s economy.

What policies have the UAE government introduced for promoting nuclear energy in UAE?

Here are the policies for UAE nuclear program -

  • Long-term sustainability for domestic nuclear power plant programs

  • Conformity in standards for organizing programs related to nuclear power in the united arab emirates

  • Ensuring high standards of security & safety

  • Pursuing the highest standards of non-proliferation

  • Operational transparency