Exploring Dubai’s Heart of Europe

by Zaara 09, Aug 2018

Exploring Dubai’s Heart of Europe

Dubai, known for its aesthetic culture, breathtaking multi-star resorts committed to courteous hospitality, incredible skyscraping structures, and a mesmerizing infrastructure, never fails to attract tourists by leaps and bounds. Here’s one jewel the city has added to its crown: the Heart of Europe. It is a cluster of 6 islands located in The World, Dubai, at the verge of completion – and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of experiencing European culture which will take you through the European designs, heritage, and hospitality in a truly astonishing way you would never forget.

The World is an archipelago of 300 small artificial islands which have been designed in the shape of continents portraying the world map. The designs in the heart of Europe manifests the culture and practices of host countries outlined by the world’s leading architectures and professional geeks. Owned and built under the supervision of Kleindienst Group, The Heart of Europe is going to give an eye-catching view of European artistic and cultural treasures. Setting up to be the most luring destination, it includes the following features:

  • European food and beverages
  • World’s first ‘rain and snow’ lined streets
  • Underwater surrounded by a beautiful lagoon environment
  • World's most exciting events
  • European style nightlife experience
  • Taste of world’s leading lavish hotels
  • A variety of entertainment programmes from various European artists
  • Playful moments with aquatic animals

Business Opportunities in the Heart of Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited tourist destinations and is also considered as the commercial hub of the UAE. There is a wide spectrum of business opportunities in Dubai due to its excellent global reach. The Heart of Europe is a gigantic project and will undoubtedly give a kick-start to many business sectors. Anyone who has dreamt of establishing their business in Dubai, below is a list of the most booming sectors in Dubai which can be taken into consideration.

1. Tourism

Tourism is the most widespread industry when it comes to Dubai. A recent study shows a forecast of 11% rise per annum in tourism industry over the next 10 years from AED 26.2 billion to AED 74.5 billion, which turns out to be 11.2% of the total GDP of the emirate. The Heart of Europe will definitely contribute to this booming sector. So, anyone who is willing to start their business in the tourism industry must give a shot to this project as it believed to be a golden opportunity for all investors.

2. Hospitality and Food

Hospitality and food industries go hand in hand with tourism, and it has been forecasted by the Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing that the hospitality sector is expected to grow by 10.2% over the next 2 years. Since the heart of Europe is a very immense project encapsulating 6 islands, the future outlook for tourist attraction is very high which will ultimately give rise to the hospitality and food sector. So, anyone who dreams of having their own hotel or restaurant, this is one precious chance you shouldn’t miss.

3. Retail

Being a place for the young generation and a tourist hub, Dubai always presents a scope for retail shops and shopping malls. According to a recent analysis, retail sales in Dubai is expected to reach $71 billion in 2021. This new project with top class infrastructure is definitely a gateway to success for each and every growth-oriented retail investor who wishes to set up a retail business in Dubai, UAE.

4. Event Management

Dubai, a destination for many landmark events, turns out to be a backyard of event management companies. The Heart of Europe holds a year calendar comprising of many exciting events which makes it the right place for talented event managers to showcase their professional skills. So, this is the perfect time for anyone with relevant skills who is willing to start a venture in Dubai to stop wondering and start acting.

Dubai is a very bountiful and dynamic global city which always has its gates open for all kinds of business ideas. For all people who have the urge to start their business in Dubai, this is the ultimate chance. The Heart of Europe is at its finishing stage and this is the right time to think and act on your business plan. Being a fresher in the business milieu could be a challenging task as there are many rules and regulations one has to follow in a foreign land in order to incorporate a business. The procedures and legal formalities do require an expert to guide you through, which is where Commitbiz comes into the picture. We are a management consulting company committed to assisting you in the company formation process as well as helps in expanding your company at an international level. For any queries or even for a friendly advice on setting up a business in Dubai, do contact us – we’d be happy to help!


How can the guests and visitors access Heart Island Dubai?

Dubai can be accessed through sustainably operated ferries, water taxis, sailboats, seaplanes, or helicopters. A frequent shuttle service with assigned pick-up points, and club cars, alongside clearly signposted walking routes.

What is the location of the Heart of Europe Project Dubai?

It is present on the World Island which is 4 km from the Dubai coastline.

Who is the developer of the World Island?

Kleindienst Group.

What is the specialty of the islands’ tourism?

It would be the world’s first ‘zero-discharge’ tourism project, being a noise and pollution-free destination with no discharge of waste into the sea.

Why is THOE project is an investor’s haven?

This project will set a new milestone for innovation and sustainability – incorporating solar power, green features, and state-of-the-art technology. As a result, the Heart of Europe, Dubai, is set to become one of the most environmentally and forward-thinking destinations worldwide.

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