Everything The UAE is Doing To Combat COVID-19 Outbreak

by Zaara 25, May 2020

In humans, seven coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections, including the common cold and many other problems. One of such viruses was recorded in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and severe acute respiratory syndrome, or Sars, which swept through southern China and Hong Kong in 2002 and 2003. At present, COVID-19 started in Wuhan and it has affected far more people. Still, it is far less deadly, with a mortality rate, which is believed to be around 3.5 per cent, according to an estimate by the World Health Organisation, compared with about 10 per cent in Sars and 34 per cent in Mers.

Covid-19 Growth in the UAE

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 disease was announced on 29th January 2020. Starting from 29th January, the number of cases is increasing at an exponential rate. At present, there were 490 new cases, for a total of 7,755. There is a total of 46 deaths and 83 recoveries.

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Things Implemented by the Authorities to Combat Coronavirus outbreak

1. Coders versus Corona 

Dubai is in search of the best coders from the Arab world as part of its One Million Arab Coders (OMAC) project to help stop the spread of novel coronavirus. Coders will focus on creating effective services and software of healthcare services, education, social solidarity, and even supporting startups.

2. Medical care

Officials are working to develop new coronavirus-prevention drugs and technologies. The UAE is working on developing 20-minute coronavirus tests in a bid to cut down on COVID-19 testing time.

3. Airlines Suspension

Emirates Airlines has suspended all passenger flights from and to the UAE but recently resumed those flying from Dubai to Brussels, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Paris. However, Major travel restrictions to COVID-19 remain the same.

4. Tourism

Dubai Tourism has revealed that only UAE nationals are permitted to return to the country, via selected Emirates and Etihad repatriation flights.

5. Corona Test Centers

Following the success of Abu Dhabi's first contactless coronavirus test centre, the UAE plans to establish more of these test centres in the capital and other emirates.

6. Public Transportation

Public transport in Dubai is suspended in the country from 08:00 until 06:00 to facilitate the National Disinfection Programme.

7. Stay home and stay safe

Homestay is recommended for people, as Dubai begins a disinfection campaign around the clock. 

In case of an emergency, people are permitted to leave home as long as they have a travelling permit. Anyone going home without a climbing permit will be subjected to COVID-19 violation fines and possible legal action.

8. Say No To Public Gathering

The UAE has declared that public parks, tourist attractions, theme parks, and beaches will be closed. 

Mall, bars, fitness centres, spas, and other entertainment facilities were also temporarily closed.

9. Early Warning System

MoHap has also introduced Wareed – an early warning system to identify high-risk individuals for COVID-19 across 88 health facilities in the country. The system uses scientifically approved tests and treatment protocols to identify potential coronavirus patients to be isolated for immediate treatment.

10. Schooling

The government has closed down schools and universities in the country for a month, starting 8th March. The shut down of UAE schools and universities will mitigate risks and control any possible spread of COVID-19 among students. A sterilization program for educational facilities will also be carried across the country. All UAE schools have inculcated E-learning and online exams. E-learning has extended until the end of June of this academic year.

11. Tests At Free of Cost

All DHA-licensed health facilities are advised to treat coronavirus cases (confirmed and suspected) as emergencies. All coronavirus UAE cases, with and without health insurance, are to be processed free of cost. In the case of patients with health insurance, the insurance companies have to honour the claims received.

12. Shops

Abu Dhabi also asked stores and pharmacies to remain open until midnight, but not exceeding 30% of customer capacity.

13. Work 

Remote working has been implemented throughout the country in both the private and public sectors. Vital industries, including health care, media, aviation, etc. are exempt from the movement restriction, provided employees to carry a letter proving that they have to work.

14. Metro

Dubai Metro has stopped functioning to help contain the virus spread. Buses and taxis are available. Dubai Taxi vehicles and franchised taxis will offer a 50 per cent discount on standard fares. Dubai Taxis have installed isolators to separate drivers and passengers for the safety of all concerned in addition to other sanitization methods.

15. Use of Radars

Dubai has started using radars to detect movement during the 24-hour restrictions in place. Move permits and employer letters can be used to remove violations detected during this sterilization period.

16.  Volunteers

 A total of 8,000 volunteers from across the UAE have been recruited to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The volunteers of 115 nationalities are taking part in the national campaign "UAE Volunteers," working both in healthcare and medical support services. 

17. Fine For Fake News

 Publishing or circulating false and misleading health information is now punishable with a Dh20,000 fine. The UAE Cabinet has adopted a decision, strictly prohibiting the circulation of unapproved health information. 

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1. What was ‘Coders versus Corona’ in Dubai?

The country was in search of the best coders from the Arab world for its OMAC project to stop the spread of the virus.

2. What did the Coders focus on in Dubai’s ‘One Million Arab Coders’ program?

They focussed on creating effective software and services for healthcare, education, social solidarity, and supporting start-ups.

3. How did UAE work on medical care during covid?

They developed a 20-minute coronavirus test to cut down on the testing time.

4. Why did Dubai start using radars in the covid times?

To detect movement during the 24-hour restrictions in place.

5. Which UAE banks announced covid initiatives for individuals and SMEs?

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, First Arab Bank, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.