Estidama/Sustainability Agreement Services

by Zaara 06, Aug 2020

The United Arab Emirates has been a trend-setter in terms of adapting to new technologies or launching environment-friendly initiatives. The government strives hard to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In fact, the UAE was ranked 9th in 2014 among the top 10 nations in the world in adopting green building practices.

In the year 2011, Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council (UPC) launched an Estidama, a first of its kind program that is tailored for the Middle Eastern countries. Estidama is an Arabic word for sustainability. Abu Dhabi’s Plan 2030 establishes a definite vision for sustainability as the foundation of an addition occurring in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Estidama program rates projects by the Pearl Rating System, which aims to address the sustainability of a given growth through its lifecycle from design through construction and operation. With this, Abu Dhabi, and eventually, the UAE, strives to be a model for sustainable and economic development globally.

Estidama, the sustainability system is based on four key pillars-

  1. Environmental
  2. Economic
  3. Social and,
  4. Cultural

The Estidama program in Abu Dhabi is compulsory, and all the buildings must achieve a minimum of 1 Peal rating, and all the government-funded buildings must achieve a minimum of 2 Pearl rating. Estidama aims at making all new buildings in the UAE more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

General Benefits of Estidama

Estidama is concentrated on the advancing urban infrastructural development. Some of the benefits of having sustainable services include-

  • Reduce the use of natural resources
  • Ensure better quality of life
  • Achieve energy and water savings
  • Ensure less impact on the environment

Pearl Rating System

The Pearl Rating System has been launched to address the need for a regionally appropriate system to drive sustainable development that is environmentally, culturally, economically, and socially relevant and to align with other important governmental initiatives in the UAE.

The Pearl rating systems is further divided into three rating systems:

  1. Pearl Community Rating System - The aim of the Pearl Community Rating System (PCRS) is to encourage the development of sustainable communities and enhance the quality of life. The PCRS encourages water, energy and waste minimisation, regional material use and strives to enhance supply chains for sustainable and recycled materials and products.
  2. Pearl Building Rating System - The aim of the Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS) is to support the growth of sustainable buildings and improve quality of life.
  3. Pearl Villa Rating System - The aim of the Pearl Villa Rating System (PVRS) is to promote the growth of sustainable villas. Performance of a sustainable villa requires the integration of the four pillars of Estidama, together with a collaborative and interdisciplinary method to villa development known as the Integrated Development Process.

The Pearl Rating System is designed into seven main categories that are fundamental to more sustainable development. These form the heart of the Pearl Rating System-

  • Integrated development process – Encouraging cross-disciplinary teamwork to deliver environmental and quality management throughout the life of the project
  • Natural systems – Conserving, preserving, and restoring the region’s critical natural environments and habitats
  • Livable spaces – Improving the quality and connectivity of outdoor spaces
  • Precious water – Reducing water demand and encouraging efficient distribution and the reuse and recycling on water
  • Stewarding materials – Ensuring consideration of the ‘whole-of-life’ cycle when selecting and specifying materials
  • Innovating practice – Encouraging innovation in building design and construction to facilitate market and industry transformation

Estidama is not just a rating method; it is a vision and a desire to deliver a new sustainable way of life in the Arab world. The ultimate goal of Estidama is to preserve and improve Abu Dhabi’s cultural and physical identity while creating an ever-improving quality of life for its inhabitants.

By promoting a new sense of obligation with Estidama, the UPC is exceeding other sustainable development initiatives around the world, by creating tools, resources, and procedures crucial to the vision 2030.

Estidama/ Sustainability Agreement for Business Centres in the UAE

Here are some key highlights on sustainability agreement services for Business Centres in the UAE

  • Business setup in the UAE Mainland requires having a physical office space. Many companies prefer operating at business centres in Dubai.
  • Business centres with sustainability agreement offers added feature favouring the recommendation of Urban Planning Council of Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • Here are a few amenities offered by Estidama in a business centre
    • Available network
    • Conference room
    • Covered parking
    • Dining in building
    • 24 hours of security

How Can Commitbiz Help?

Commitbiz provides workspace solutions focusing on ergonomic and collaborative products that meet global environmental standards. To set up a business in mainland Dubai, you need a registered office, and we take care of providing a fully furnished ready-to occupy registered business offices for you. We also offer Estidama and sustainability agreement services under various packages. Our services include-

  • Fully furnished office space
  • Free high-speed internet connection
  • Conference room
  • Covered parking
  • Dining in building

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