Electronic Cigarettes Product Registration by ESMA in Dubai - UAE

by Zaara 23, Apr 2021

Dubai offers traders one of the best opportunities to import, produce, export, and re-export large quantities of products. It is a hub of global trade between the various markets. Dubai Government has made the sale of Electronics cigarettes legal in Dubai as of April 15, 2019. However, the product has to be registered with the Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA). Traders and suppliers worldwide have begun to enter the market to achieve the business' new entrant share.

In the meantime, the Dubai government issues a compulsory product registration regulation for electronic cigarettes. The regulation applies to all types of electronic cigarette products manufactured industrially and placed on the market in Dubai. The producer, packaging, distribution, and exchange of electronic-cigarette products should first be licensed with the Municipality of Dubai.

Products entering the Emirates must first be licensed with ESMA and, once licensed, can be sold anywhere in the UAE without any further approvals. It was done to implement a seamless single-window administration for product registration in Dubai, taking care of hygiene aspects, such as product labeling, halal, import permits, etc. in one go.

Benefits of Registering Electronic Cigarettes Product Registration in Dubai 

It includes,

  • Label Protection
  • Brand Protection
  • Re-export and Import rights
  • Hassle-free trade inside and outside the UAE

Before discussing the registration procedure for your electronic cigarettes goods, let us first understand the guidelines specified by the Dubai Government, which must be followed before registering your product.

Guidelines for Electronic Cigarettes Product in the UAE

To mitigate the harmful impact and regularize e-cigarette sales, the UAE government has adopted a few definite guidelines for the manufacture, sale, and importation of electronic cigarettes. It will also test the ingredients in the UAE for any of these substances. Compliance with these rules is mandatory from manufacturers, importers, and retailers. These electronic cigarettes will also fall under the same tax laws as other cigarette products. We would also need to print safety alerts on their packages.

Things to Consider to Register Electronic Cigarettes Product with ESMA

  1. Valid commercial license
  2. Trademark registration with UAE authorities (recommended as a holding of wealth from an offshore company registered in UAE)
  3. The manufacturing plants will follow minimum specifications (ISO 9001) by applying the QMS Manual

           Coloring was declared in the ingredients

  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Diethyl Glycol  
  • Formaldehyde    
  1. ECAS (Emirates Enforcement Assessment Scheme), name mark certificate
  2. Laboratory test report in UAE for the following materials, as referred to in clause 4.1.11. ISO 17025 certified laboratory SGSO 5030 will only be relevant for one year (this will not be more than one year)
  • Nicotine composition
  • Caffeine
  • Taurine
  • Acetone
  • Heavy metal concentrations, lead, cadmium, mercury, chrome, nickel, iron, fluoride, and tin
  • One intensity of flavor profile/framework/nicotine should have one test report
  • The full test report will be submitted at the time of renewal
  1. Manufacturing claim for inability to include the prohibited materials referred to in section 4.1.11 of UAE standards
  2. Notice of compliance with standard GSO ISO 8317 UAE which is child-safe packaging
  3. Dosage and nicotine intake data when taken under usual or reasonably planned conditions
  4. Proof of the time of validity on the product label

    10.  Manufacturer risk mitigation report

    11.  Ownership of Distributors (For Traders)

    12. List of descending ingredients including a percentage of each trade name of

          ingredients their functionality, the emission of each ingredient and toxicity

          including literature data

   13.  Electronic Conformity Statement

Things to Consider to Accept ESMA Electronics Labeling of Cigarette Products

  1. Valid commercial license
  2. Trademark registration with UAE authorities (recommended as a holding of assets from an offshore company registered in UAE)
  3. Name card label and alarm label (package form front and rear face) according to UAE.S / GSO 5030
  4. Ownership of Distributors (For Traders)
  5. Electronic Declaration of Conformity

Primary Criteria for ESMA Registration of Electronic Cigarettes Product Devices

  1. Valid commercial license
  2. Trademark registration with UAE authorities (recommended as a holding of assets from an offshore company registered in UAE)
  3. ECAS-ROHS certificate
  4. No UAE.S / GSO IEC 60335-1 IEC CB test reports and certificates as per standard
  5. Compliance with plug specifications as per standard BS 1363, earth plugs and fuse
  6. Pictures of score label on the product
  7. Ownership of the distribution firm
  8. User guide in English and Arabic
  9. Profile of production cycle with the flow diagram

    10   Risk/benefit evaluation based on an interpretation of scientific evidence available

    11.  Processing site certification according to ISO 9001

    12.  Electronic Conformity Statement

Electronic Cigarettes Product Registration

The main aim of cigarette product registration is to regulate the entry into the market of goods dependent on chemicals. It is a matter of the fact that the municipal government is designing long-term policies and concentrating on inspection and random monitoring, in collaboration with companies, factories, and distributors. The specific steps to be taken while registering their electronic cigarette products at the Authorities are listed below.

  • Before registering the product, the buyer must have a certificate of free sales (CFS) issued by the health officials or approved bodies from the country of origin.
  • The company must also be legally licensed with the Municipality of Dubai (DM)
  • Once you have reviewed the above points, you can fill in the product registration form accessible in Dubai Municipality and the official website.
  • Once the form has been filled out, keeping in mind the guidance available through the e-form system, you can apply it with a copy of the current product label evaluation to be registered.
  • Once the formalities have been completed, a consumer product registration report shall be prepared. The feedback on the application’s status will be communicated continuously accordingly; the original certificate will be shared once the report is ready.

Documents Required

  • Free-sales certificate
  • Product Analysis Report- This document contains all the essential ingredient, chemical and physical characteristics of the products
  • Report on Laboratory Research
  • Certificate of registration at a company

Electronic Cigarette License

The owner of electronic cigarettes must have a valid trade license. If you are working in the mainland, the license is provided by the Department of Economic Development or the Dubai Health Authority. If you are operating in a freezone, the license is issued by Trakhees Commercial Licensing Division, which is usable for the authorized activity. The licensed activity should be complied with by the establishment.

It is advisable to maintain a consultant 's support during product registration in the UAE so that you can keep up with the government's revised regulations. At Commitbiz, we have our team of experts to assist you from document filing to defending intellectual property. You can contact us if you wish to register your electronic cigarette product in the UAE.