Easy Steps to Setup a Laundry Business in Dubai

by Zaara 09, Aug 2021

You may find it surprising, but the laundry business is one of the booming businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As the number of visitors and residents keeps increasing every year, so do the opportunities in the laundry business.

Setting up a laundry business in Dubai is relatively easy as no extra criteria are required, even if you don't have any previous experience. Having a license to open your laundry business allows you are washing clothes, curtains, small carpets, leather products, bed sheets, etc., manually or with the help of a washing machine. 

But before you deep dive into this business, we recommend researching the ideal location (mainland or freezone) and market for the laundry business in Dubai.

Setting Up a Business for Laundry in Dubai

Before launching your business, you need to be aware of a few general requirements. A Laundry Business falls under Professional License in Dubai

Therefore, before initiating the business, obtain the aforementioned license.

Laundry License in Dubai

Activity Code - 930102

Activity Group - Laundry

License Type - Professional

Activity Description - A laundry business in Dubai includes automatic and manual laundries which undertake washing clothes, curtains, bedsheets, small carpets, mattresses, leather clothes, and products.

Requirements to Setup a Laundry Shop in Dubai

Here are a few conditions you must know -

General Guidelines

  • All things should be kept clean such as the washrooms, working area, exhausts, curtains, pantry area, also, corners of the wall, under the sink, cabinets, drawers, ironing table, etc. All it can be done for effective disinfection and cleaning to make sure cleanliness in the working place.
  • In the working area of the laundry business in Dubai, cooking and sleeping are not allowed.
  • There should be no smoking sign at the entrance of your business.
  • The contact numbers should be present in case of an emergency.
  • There should be a clean cloth that is used for ironing all the time.
  • There must be no food products in the working area of the Laundry
  • Personal stuff and unused or unwanted things must not be kept in the working section.
  • Curtains / Sofas / Chairs that constitute non-absorbent material should not be present in the working place.

Storage and Chemical Guidelines

  • The chemicals used for Laundry should be stored in separate spaces classifying them as flammable, harsh, and incompatible. There should be material safety data that you can follow.
  • The bleaches should be different from all other rags and chemicals; other flammable or lubricant materials. The containers containing the chemicals should be written off properly.
  • The working place of the laundry business should offer the following:
  • The Laundry carts or baskets should be marked for the unwashed as well as the washed clothes.
  • There is an adequate number of baskets, as well as carts, available.
  • There should be a sufficient number of racks and tables for clean clothes present.
  • A first aid box full of medicines should be available.
  • The ceramic hand wash basin must be there with liquid hand soap.
  • Also, there must be a waste bin present for the waste group.

Machine and Workers Guidelines

  • Regular checks and care should be done for all the machines.
  • There should be regularly checking for the rollers that are used to press the long sheets.
  • There should be extra stop switches present for stopping the machine in an emergency situation.
  • The pinch present at the sides of the rolls must be long enough.
  • The workers and other dirty clothes should be careful while coming in contact with the mouth or eyes or any other part of the body where there is a scrape or scratch.
  • Without washing their hands, they should not touch their clothes.
  • There should be a course of action to take specific actions in case of any emergency.

Collection and Disposal of Waste

  • Laundry west must not be discharged to soak away the system. Waste can be collected and discharged under a trade waste agreement to the sewage system or treated on-site and recycled.
  • Permission must be obtained from the Public Health and Safety Department for the disposal of wastewater.
  • Equipment and practice which minimize the generation of waste water will save both raw water and disposal costs.
  • Empty Chemical Containers shall be punctured on the premises so that the drum is not suitable for reuse by outsiders.

Laundries, whether as standalone facilities or as a component of a larger establishment such as a hotel, pose special safety and waste disposal problems. The following guideline outlines the Public Health and Safety Department's protection and safety requirements for laundries.

How to Set Up Your Laundry Services in Dubai?

The steps include the following for a laundry business setup in Dubai-

 1. Do a Proper Research

Research the market, location, cost, and procedure for setting up a laundry business. You can simply cut this step by hiring a consultant like Commitbiz.

 2. Get Enough Capital

Get enough capital for machinery and workers. Below are the different kinds of workers required for your business

  • Laundry machine operators
  • Steam ironworkers
  • Classic ironworkers
  • Drivers and cashiers
  • Cleaners.

 3. Find a Suitable Location

A finalized location will also help you in further process. Your professional license is going to be issued by the authority supporting your location. 

Below are three authorities in Dubai who provide approvals and issue licenses for Laundry Business Setup from their respective areas. Hence, based on the location of your shop, you may approach the right authority.

  • DED: Most of Dubai
  • Trakhees: International City, Jumeirah, JVC & JVT, etc.
  • DMCC: JLT.

 4. Rent a Shop

Rent a shop if you are still having trouble with finances. Apart from this, here are a few requirements for applying for a professional license -

  • Book a trading name and activity (DED)
  • Make the Tenancy Contract / Ejari (RERA)
  • Create a Memorandum with the sponsor for Laundry Business Setup (Dubai Courts)
  • Apply Establishment card for Laundry Business setup (Amer Center / Dubai immigration)
  • Some other approvals are required based on location.

A laundry business license is lodged every single day in the UAE. If you think about it, that's a lot of people applying to open a laundromat. 

Unfortunately, not everyone will have a smooth process in getting their license because they have not followed the proper process. A trained consultant can help you save money. 

Do contact us, even if it's for friendly advice.


What are the conditions to follow for a laundry shop in Dubai?

Safety measures are the foremost to be followed. The shop area should be a no-smoking zone and cooking should not be allowed.

What are the other approvals needed for the laundry business in Dubai?

Approvals from the Dubai Municipality Planning Section and the Health and Safety Division of the Municipality are required.

Which license is required to open a laundry company in Dubai?

You require a professional license from the Department of Economic Development

What are the activities permitted under the laundry service license in Dubai?

Washing of clothes, leather clothes, carpets, curtains, bedsheets, mattresses, and other products are permitted.

Is laundry service profitable in Dubai?

Since it caters to the needs of the general public and can also offer services to other businesses apart from the general public, it stands more profitable.