E - Commerce Business and Licence in Abu Dhabi

by Zaara 27, Oct 2020

When it comes to examining the business market, every firm in the UAE is linked to Abu Dhabi. Whether because Abu Dhabi occupies a bulk of the coastline area for commercial operations or because it's the epicenter of any large-scale economic developments, the UAE's capital has always shocked investors with its burgeoning potential which has attracted many business set up in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi might be a wealth of resources and chances for prospective new company owners looking to digitize their retail operations by launching a new E-commerce firm. An E-commerce license in Abu Dhabi comes with certain laws and regulations that the enterprise should abide by. 

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Why is the E-commerce License in Abu Dhabi one of the most sold?

This business is booming in the UAE, from fashion to food, smartphones to smart education. The new generation of clients wants online services that are simple to use and make life in Abu Dhabi. more convenient and makes business setup in Abu Dhabi more profitable.

E-commerce has also considerably enhanced and altered clients' standard of living as well as their lifestyles, according to global economists. Among the notable businesses that operate on internet platforms are

This sector is becoming one of the most appealing business prospects and the simplest to launch a firm for new market entrants. With government engagement and a consumer market that relies on online services, the E-commerce industry will continue to develop throughout time, benefiting both small and large enterprises. Starting this business in the nation's capital comes with the obligation of getting an E-commerce license in Abu Dhabi. 

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Abu Dhabi E-Commerce Licence and Business Registration Procedure

Here are the steps to get your Abu Dhabi E-commerce license and register your business in the state.

License and Registration 

Abu Dhabi, the UAE's capital, has straightforward laws for business establishment. Even yet, these simple regulations are tightly enforced to assure the legality and documentation of every website-based and non-website-based firm. To launch a website-based firm, business owners must register the company and apply for an e-commerce license with the Department of Economic Development (DED). 

Website Development

The website is an essential component of an online business since it allows the company to promote and advertise its products and services. Customers see the portfolio of goods and make a purchase by placing an order for the product; hence, the website must not only be appealing and appealing, but it must also offer numerous technological aspects such as accepting payments and sending out delivery alerts. Many websites additionally provide a variety of payment alternatives, such as -

  • Internet Banking

  • Wallets Digital

  • Payment on Delivery

  • Gift certificates

  • Coupons and Bonus Points

Some e-commerce websites accept bitcoin as a payment method, which is quite exciting given how the UAE has been investing and developing in the field of cryptocurrencies as part of the Blockchain strategy.

Custom  Clearance 

E-commerce businesses frequently obtain their items through shipping from other countries, which is why the company must register with the Customs authorities in order to be verified for access to Emirati ports and shipment arrival sites. The firm is issued an importer's code, and customs tax is imposed on the imported items. Another option is to outsource the task to an existing shipping firm with a license.

Setting Up Workspace

Once the company has been established and the key staff has been appointed, it is time to look for a proper workplace. Finding a workplace in Abu Dhabi should be quite easy because there are several organizations that can aid you in the process.

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E-Commerce License Cost in Abu Dhabi

The E-commerce license cost in Abu Dhabi is determined by the location you want to start your company. Abu Dhabi includes free zones such as Masdar City Free Zone and Abu Dhabi Global Markets Free Zone where you may start an internet company. You may launch your business in a free zone or on the mainland, each with its own set of pros and cons.

The E-commerce License cost in Abu Dhabi starts from AED 5500

You want to start an e-commerce business in Abu Dhabi and if any of the above points seem even a little intimidating, don't be concerned. 

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Is e-commerce business successful in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, E-commerce is an extremely growing platform and can be more profitable.

What type of license to be obtained to open an E-commerce business in Abu Dhabi?

To open an e-commerce business, you have to get Abu Dhabi E-commerce license.

What is the cost of an E-commerce license in Abu Dhabi?

An E-commerce license in Abu Dhabi starts from AED 5500.

Where should one apply for an e-commerce license in Abu Dhabi?

You need to apply to the Department of Economic Development.

What documents are required to obtain e-commerce license in Abu Dhabi?

The required documents are

  • Passport copies of all shareholders
  • Visa Status copy/Entry stamp copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Other documents depending on the activities