Dubai Tourism Announces Sustainability Requirements for Dubai Hotels

by Zaara 02, Jul 2019

Dubai Tourism Announces Sustainability Requirements for Dubai Hotels

Recognized as one of the famous tourist spots, Dubai holds a firm ground in the minds of tourists. According to a report published by Mastercard, the city has been ranked fourth as the world’s most visited city. The continuous growth of tourists over the years has not only transformed Dubai as a tourist platform but has also unlocked numerous opportunities for business investors across the world. The Dubai Tourism Authority and Dubai Hospitality Industry have been leaping its growth to the next extent. This year 2019, has been turning out to be more fruitful for the hospitality industry as specific demands are to be fulfilled. If you are a business owner and is planning to set up a business in Dubai Hospitality sector, then you must be aware of the recent impositions that have been mandated. Let’s have a look.

 Dubai Sustainability Tourism Initiative

It is a well-known fact that the tourism industry lifts the hospitality industry. The Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has taken a step ahead to develop Dubai Sustainability Tourism (DST), which will collaborate the tourism and the hospitality industry to give a new direction to different approaches like performance metrics, energy, food and water management plans, employee training the hospitality sector, which will boost the hospitality sector. Let’s have a look at the sustainability changes.

19 Sustainability Changes

The necessary efforts regarding the sustainability changes will be considered under the following areas:

1.Sustainability Management Approach

Under this approach, a standard policy needs to be drafted regarding the policy of environment, health, safety, tourism etc. that the hotels need to follow to streamline their work-process keeping a holistic figure in mind, keeping a room for continuous improvement.

2.Performance Metrics

This approach is meant to track the total of electricity, cooling water, water, petrol in generators, refrigerators and all possible electrical equipment. Following this approach, the hotels will be able to avoid any mishap that might occur due to the non-availability of resources or technical glitch.

3.Sustainability Personnel Training

The need for specialists does exist when a plan has been initiated and implemented. Under this approach, the Dubai Tourism demands the presence of one individual certified and verified by Dubai Tourism, along with two trained staff who will be responsible for managing the sustainability program.

4.Sustainability Committee

In this step, a sustainable committee is to be developed where the top management staff will be included, who will be meeting monthly/ quarterly and annually to discuss the growth, set targets and plan further to streamline the processes.

5.Compliance to Government Initiatives

The Dubai Tourism Department has mandated the hospitality industry to comply with the Government initiatives drafted as per Dubai Supreme Council of Energy Regulations, Guidelines and Directives to smoothen the business processes and operations.

6.Employee Training

The employees working in the hospitality sector must receive annual training on the establishment and implementation of the sustainability plan backed by specific responsibilities to be delegated accordingly.

7.Guest Education

Here, the focus is to build more interaction with the guests with transparent campaigns and other efforts. The ultimate motive is to educate the guest so that they take the initiative of being a part of the sustainability program.

8.Green Events

The hospitality industry is expected to offer green meetings when it comes to events, conference or any business meeting. Proper planning regarding waste diversion, energy and water is expected to be built to reduce the overall. Also, post-event the management is expected to deliver the performance results.

9.Energy Management Plan

Facilities are to be developed to improve the energy consumed during the stay of the guest. This includes facilities like lighting, equipment, renewable resources, building ground for audit etc.

10.Energy Management- Automation

The hotel premise is expected to build management systems that can optimize the light and air conditioning facilities, depending upon the occupancy.

11.Energy Management-Transportation

This encourages the use of clean and resource-efficient transportation systems by guests and employers that includes public transportation, shuttles, cycling, and walking.

12.Water Management Plan

An efficient water management plan is expected to be built to reduce water wastage.  When it comes to the plan development, it is expected to include plumbing fixtures, landscape and irrigation, wastewater, and other significant uses of water, which will help the guest to get rid-off any water-related problem.

13.Water Management- Towels and Linens

Here, proper hygiene is to be taken under consideration by providing the guests to reuse the linens and towels available in rooms and bathrooms.

14.Waste Management Plan

The hospitality industry is expected to make a clear plan regarding a waste management system. By introducing this system, there would be no adverse effects on society. The project built should have achievable objectives and targets.

15.Waste Management-Bathroom

The hospitality industry is expected to recycle the wastage gather from the bathrooms such as toilet papers, shampoos, soaps, plastics etc.

16.Air-Quality Management-Smoking

A large percentage of the guests falls in the category of non-smokers. The hospitality industry is expected to look into these matters so as to make sure that the non-smokers are not affected. This can be done only by infusing air-quality management.

17.Purchasing Management Plan

Another focus is expected to be delegated to the purchase department. Proper purchasing plan needs to be built keeping the budget in mind to avoid any shortage regarding the hotel supplies.

18.Purchasing Management-Food

The similar plan needs to be built for the food department as well, so as to avoid any shortage in the food and beverage category.

19.Local Communities

The hotel must take necessary initiatives to for the society and the community they are engaged with. Necessary steps are to be considered for the welfare of the nation, and contribute their best.

Thus, you have seen the essential requirements that have been mandated by the Dubai Tourism Department with an aim to boost the number of tourists in the region. There are multiple reasons why one must leverage the tourism industry in Dubai. To establish a hospitality business in Dubai, these requirements are mandated and meeting them accordingly turns out to be easy if you have a guide beside you. Commitbiz Consultants are here to meet your requirements and help you accordingly in every step. Our business experts are well-versed with the legal laws in Dubai and will help you to set-up a business hassle-free. To have a word, feel free to contact us-we’d be glad to assist.

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