Why Dubai is a top ranked Business Hub?

by Zaara 14, Feb 2017

As the leading city in the UAE, Dubai has grown to become a global business center over the last four decades. Ever wondered why Dubai is the destination for the world’s top conglomerates? The biggest global conglomerates’ operating offices are present in this dynamic city. 

In a very short period, it has established its image and reputation as a vibrant and diverse destination offering quality hospitality, first-class infrastructure, and a range of attractions that justifies the term ‘Dubai business hub’

All About the Business Hub Dubai 

The ‘business hub Dubai’ is a hotspot for the wealthy and the luxurious. Easily the most affluent of all the Emirates, which make up the UAE, Dubai has transformed into a hypermodern city fuelled by world-class malls, architecture, unique attractions and its artificial island.

Growth in financial and business services, trade logistics, and tourism development has played a significant role in fuelling Dubai's opening as a global hub over the past few decades. 

The City Holds One More Title - Startup Hub Dubai

Start-ups” or “small businesses” have been the reason for the sudden force behind the technological development in every stratum of life in Dubai. The last decade has been a game changer for Dubai in terms of start-ups. Every other day we were to find amazing start-ups that enhanced the public's quality of life.

It is all because of the nation's support, technological development, robust funding landscape, easy setup procedure, and access to the international market. Dubai, the startup hub The nation has built many laws supporting start-ups and SMEs, like the national SME program, which aims to provide starts ups a scenario to thrive. Those are some of the reasons for calling Dubaistartup hub. 

Why Is Dubai the Hub for Business?

Dubai is the hub for business for a variety of reasons

The Business City Dubai Supports All Businesses

Dubai offers business opportunities to enterprises of all sizes, in other words, it has a hospitable business climate.  The city has recently become home to aspiring multinational companies and entrepreneurial activity. 

The service sector contributes considerably to Dubai’s GDP and is the fastest-growing industry. The city has become a center of trade and commerce for the Middle East.

Endless Possibilities

Dubai – Business City with Endless possibilities

Dubai, the business city, has abundant tourism opportunities and a huge influx of business travelers. Many economies in the Middle East and elsewhere in the fast-growing emerging markets have faced obstruction bylaws that restrict foreign owners and investors. 

To its economic advantage, Dubai has set up free zones where the laws encourage international investment and favor particular industries.

The Future of the Technology and Innovation 

In recent years, the government has seen an untapped potential in Dubai for incubating a research and development industry. This made investors show interest in pumping their funds into tech companies that worked on technological innovation. 

Central location

Its strategic position is one of the key factors making the UAE a common trading destination. The country is exceptionally well-connected to developing markets and situated at a world crude oil transit point, making it a well-placed trading center within reach of major global business centers.

Liberating Tax Rules

UAE holds a unique place among the world's top 10 tax havens, a territory marking zero or negligible (personal, corporate, or professional) taxes. The UAE government levies no unfair taxes on foreign and national stakeholders investing in the Emirates, rendering business setup in UAE a highly valued proposition.

Constant Effort by Dubai to Grow as a Business City

UAE has come from a long community that relies on fishing and agriculture to become a country with world-class infrastructure that produced an outstanding enterprise achievement in just over three decades. 

Dubai now encapsulates modernization – equal involvement of women in industry and government, no gender discrimination, job security, advanced health care, enhanced education, and an open legal system while being compatible with its history and cultural values. The constant effort to grow as a nation makes it a business hub.

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What is the business scenario in Dubai?

Dubai is home to one-third of all investors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area and is constantly growing and showing that the nation is not far from reaching the pinnacle.

Which are some of the top businesses in Dubai?


Every business has scope in Dubai, which makes Dubai unique concerning business. However, some of the well-doing sectors are mentioned below.

  • Tourism

  • Hospitality

  • Event industry

Which are some of the top businesses in Dubai?

Every business has scope in Dubai, which makes Dubai unique concerning business. However, some of the well-doing sectors are mentioned below.

  • Tourism

  • Hospitality

  • Event industry

What are the growing sectors in Dubai?

Dubai is seeing huge growth in the below-mentioned sectors.

  • E-commerce

  • Digital marketing

  • Health tech

  • Education tech

  • Fintech

  • Food delivery

  • E-sports/gaming

What is the business strategy that makes Dubai a business hub?

Governments’ constant measures to transform the business vertical by supporting the existing businesses and welcoming new ones.