Dubai Healthcare City Authority Reduces Fees to Attract Investment in 2019

by Zaara 18, Mar 2019

Dubai Healthcare City Authority Reduces Fees to Attract Investment in 2019

Dubai Healthcare City is a leading provider of premium health care services and a home to major national and international healthcare brands. According to the recent news, in a bid to attract more investment, the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA), which is the governing body of DHCC has made a reduction in several fees for its healthcare, commercial, research, and education offerings.

The fees precisely have been reduced in the given sectors as under,

Operating permit fees for issuance and renewal for close to 150 clinical partners- mainly hospitals and clinics have been reduced to strengthen patient care and health care service, Inpatient and Outpatient facilities fees have been reduced up to 30% and 24% respectively, Diagnostic Centres and Medical Laboratories permit fees have been cut down up to 32%. Other segments like Community Pharmacy and non-diagnostic Laboratories will also see a cut in the fees.

Apart from this, the DHCC Authority has also waived off operating permit fees for over 240 non-clinical entities across the retail and hospitality sectors, as well as consultancies and professional training centres to strengthen key support services in the DHCC.

Meanwhile, coming to research and education, all the facilities conducting research and/or education as their core service in the DHCC can benefit from 67% fee reduction when applying or renewing their permits. And those who are applying or renewing research permits in addition to their core services can benefit with up to 45% fee reduction. Also, the fees for submission and ethics review for sponsored interventional studies have been reduced to 24%.

Not just this, Dubai, earlier this month, launched a second package of initiatives under the Emirate’s economic incentive package by Dubai’s Department of Finance which cover services to support SME’s and boost public-private partnership in the Emirates. The country has been taking such exemplary steps to reduce the cost of doing business and promote further investment.

This initiative will help Dubai in enhancing economic growth in the Emirate and further cement the Emirate’s position as a destination of choice for investment.

With this news, investors around the globe wanting to establish their business in Dubai Healthcare City have a great opportunity. If you are interested in setting your business in this free zone, feel free to contact us- we'd be happy to help you.

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