Dubai Healthcare City - A Hub for Medical Services in the UAE

by Zaara 02, Dec 2021

Dubai Healthcare City - A Hub for Medical Services in the UAE

Dubai Healthcare City is a hub of urban health care that enables citizens and businesses to advance their healthcare programmes, connect with the environment, and enjoys central health districts’ vitality. It is also a perfect location for survival and investing, not just an urban healthcare icon.

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a free zone involving developing a destination for health and wellness. The Free Zone, launched in 2002 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, has worked towards its goal of being a globally recognised place of choice for quality healthcare and an integrated centre of excellence for clinical and wellness facilities, medical education and research.

DHCC is driven to healthcare and patient care quality across different specialties and is continuously bringing new services and skills under its wing to develop itself as the global healthcare leader. In Dubai Healthcare City, renowned healthcare professionals provide the entire spectrum of medical services that meet international quality standards to offer patients the best medical support.

The free zone is regulated by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA) and supervised by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority Regulation (DHCR), an independent statutory arm whose quality requirements are accredited by the International Healthcare Quality Society.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is strategically positioned as one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE to tap into a UAE market that boasts an average per capita amount of healthcare spending, putting the nation in the top 20 in the world.

In Dubai, leading international hospitals, outpatient medical centres and diagnostic laboratories have established facilities to leverage the healthcare market's strong projected growth.

Investment in new technologies is encouraged by several factors, including the increasing Dubai population and its emphasis on becoming a global medical tourism hub. Other factors include its proximity to a lucrative GCC market, high penetration of health insurance, and its reported commitment to developing a reputation as a leading centre of medical research that promotes and encourages the use of advanced patient care technologies.

By 2020, Dubai also plans to have 34 indigenous pharmaceutical production factories. By 2025, the market size of the city's pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow to US$ 6.8 billion, compared to US$ 2.6 billion at present.

Dubai Healthcare City – A Hub for Medical Services in the UAE

DHCC has nearly 160 clinical partners across 150 plus specialities with accredited practitioners from almost 90 countries, including hospitals, outpatient medical centres and diagnostic laboratories, expanding its medical tourism portfolio. Close to 200 retail and non-clinical facilities serve the free zone, reflecting the network of service partners. DHCC is also home to the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Institution.

Advantages of Establishing a Business in DHCC - Dubai Healthcare City

  • Global ownership of 100 per cent
  • Full repatriation of gains and resources
  • 50-year exclusion guaranteed from personal, income and corporate taxes
  • Restriction for goods and services from customs duty
  • Tax-free 100 per cent
  • No limits on money, obstacles to trade or quotas
  • High quality and pricing

Commercial Advantages

  • Low costs for operations.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Flexible nature of real estate to meet business/industry requirements.
  • Integrated healthcare community that offers high quality, advanced healthcare
  • Access to a network of regional and international experts in the healthcare industry.
  • Attractive prospects and financial returns for investors
  • Increased exposure to brands.

The Minimum Paid-up Capital Criteria to Form a Free-zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

  • A minimum pay-up capital of AED 50,000 required for non-clinical facilities/companies
  • The minimum pay-up capital of AED 100,000 required for clinical facilities.
  • The minimum pay-up capital of AED 300,000 required for hospitals.

Please refer to the hotels below:

  • A minimum pay-up capital of AED 1 million expected for 3-star hotels.
  • 4-star hotels expected to have AED 2 million in minimum pay-up capital.
  • The minimum pay-up capital of AED 3 Million needed for 5-star hotels.

Commercial Space Options Within DHCC - Dubai Healthcare City:

  • Solutions to Leasing.
  • Spaces for hospitals.
  • Non-clinical spaces (retail)

The Focus of Business:

  • Executive Desk: excellent for businesses who need a minimum of space
  • Full-fledged furnished office, Executive Office

DHCC Offers:

  • Freehold.
  • Investment opportunities.

Types of Business Licenses Available in DHCC

The cost for licensing and registration varies for ‘new company set up’ and ‘branch setup’. There are three types of business licenses available in DHCC:

  1. Service License
  2. Industrial License
  3. Trading License

How to Set Up a Business in DHCC?

Many foreign companies obtain DHCC free zone registration for several purposes. But to request the same, it is necessary to follow a specific procedure. There are some key points that companies should be aware of when setting up a business in Dubai's free zone. The incorporation of the company would depend on the type of licence which the company has obtained.

It may be a licence that is industrial, medical or service. When establishing a corporation, the business must have two directors and a minimum of 1 shareholder. The shareholder must be a resident of a free zone in Dubai, and the organisation should meet at least once a year with the shareholders.

Process To Establish DHCC Business

  1. Send submission for interim approval.
  2. Send a copy of the business plan to the authorities of the Free Zone.
  3. Send the business registration legal documents.
  4. Provide natural shareholders with the resolution of the board
  5. Pay the invoice requirement.
  6. After reviewing each document, the licence is issued and given to you within 2-4 weeks.

Why Set Up a Business in DHCC?

Health is a worldwide concern. The free zone of Dubai Healthcare City has become the preferred destination for people and families facing health challenges and searching for outstanding healthcare, and for medical institutions and practitioners capable of offering creative patient care solutions. Dubai Healthcare provides specialised multi-disciplinary medical facilities for diabetes, cardiology, oncology, etc. for prevention, maintenance, and rehabilitation and is a respected investment destination among the medical community.

In a highly convenient environment fitted with modern outpatient facilities, surgical centres, analytical and diagnostic labs, state-of-the-art surgical suites, and commercial offices, Dubai Healthcare City offers traditional diagnostic and treatment services to international standards. It also houses numerous specialist hospitals, physicians' offices, rehabilitation centres, general hospitals, and centres for outpatient surgery.

There are many reasons why you can set up your business of healthcare in Dubai are given below:

  • Access to a network of experts in regional healthcare
  • Availability of customisable real estate choices according to one's specifications
  • Facilities of high-tech
  • It integrated a healthcare group that offers the first tier advanced medical services.
  • Low costs for operations
  • Access to top-notch medical advanced services
  • Access to the highest range of medical devices, facilities and a worldwide network of doctors
  • Access to a network for instruction, education & research

Technology To Drive Medical Industry

With the adoption of recent technologies, the medical ecosystem is on track to become technology-driven. The industry, armed with the latest techniques such as 3-D printing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), could become a key instrument in the city’s growth as one of the world's leading healthcare centres. 3D Modeling, Robotic Pharmacy, Digitisation, Wellness Apps and Smart Fitness are projects to apply advanced technology to healthcare in Dubai. Technology for Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also reduce service costs and free up healthcare professionals’ time.

There is a rising demand for trained doctors and surgeons and Lasik, dentistry, and rejuvenation therapy practitioners. Long-term care facilities are also in need and home care services from private providers due to the growing elderly population and the abundance of chronic diseases.

For a hassle-free company formation in Dubai Healthcare City, predefined policies and guidelines need to be followed, as stated by the DHCC. If you approach a reputable business partner such as Commitbiz, the incorporation process becomes simple; we know the laws relating to jobs, office leasing, residential permits, licencing, business registration, money, dispute resolution, etc. authorities to contact and how.

Along with decision-making and strategic planning, we take care of the entire business setup burden in DHCC without letting customers worry about the company’s expansive formalities forming or the bureaucratic red tape. We help our customers fulfil legal formalities, choose permissible business structures, get the residential and office space necessary, recruit employees, and determine their type of business operation. If you are thinking of starting a business in Dubai Healthcare City, contact us today.

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