Dubai Encourages Emiratis to Work More on Tourism

Dubai Encourages Emiratis to Work More on Tourism

by Zaara 13, May 2020

From the past forty years, the transformation Dubai has been through is remarkable. Dubai evolved itself from a pretty small desert region to this glamourous megacity. Dubai is known as the Global city and business hub in the Middle East. Their magnificent shopping malls, futuristic architecture, luxury hotels have led the world to state it as a significant tourism spot. Dubai has attracted the attention of the whole world through projects like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah. Dubai has been the most lavish city in the Middle East. The hotel rooms of Dubai are stated as the second most expensive across the world and so the government has organised some activities to develop it more for attracting more international tourists by boosting tourism.

Dubai Tourism’s Decision

Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) promulgated their plans to accelerate further the industry Emiratisation efforts to make a strong pool of local talent, and that will play a significant role to elevate Dubai to achieve its Tourism vision 2025. Dubai College of Tourism (DTC) continues to escalate awareness among the potential young job seekers, which were established by the Vocational education institution of Dubai Tourism. Under these activities, students can acquire practical knowledge in the field of hospitality, retail, entertainment and as well as discipline.

One of the successful DCT initiatives is to offer Emirati job seekers strong trainings, recruitments and industry on boarding the Medyaf programme.
In 2017, all in exclusive courses were launched to motivate the young generation and to join the tourism industry for developing themselves in a career which will suit their skills and capabilities.

Mariam Al Meeni

Being the director of the Dubai College of Tourism Mariam Al Meeni mentioned
“We recognise how crucial it is to prime the next generation of UAE nationals for career opportunities in the sector, meeting the increase in demand for a skilled and qualified workforce which is able to provide authentic experiences that truly showcase Dubai’s local hospitality.”
They have introduced more initiatives to elevate the Medyaf platform, to ameliorate the conception of the local population to choose tourism as a career.

She added “We are pleased that the various initiatives we have introduced and continue to implement in collaboration with our stakeholders have been so well received. Many university and high school graduates who have completed our training programmes have already found employment in different roles including tour guides, front office jobs in hotels, receptionists and guest relations officers.”

Why Set up Travel Business in Dubai

Dubai happens to be one of the most stunning cities in the world, and this is why it has been recognized as a mandatory travel destination in the checklist of people.
The Dubai Chamber stated that the UAE’s tourism sector is expected to expand by 6.5 per cent annually between 2011 and 2021.
Euromonitor Ranked world’s most visited one fifty cities in which Dubai ranked seventh.
Till 2014, Dubai has attracted fourteen million people across the world, and it is expected that it will grow by two hundred percent by some time. Tourism is crucial for Dubai's economy, which had a GDP of around ninety billion dollars last year.  Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's the prime minister of the UAE and current ruler of Dubai wants Dubai to be the top tourist destination and is stressing on it more to fulfil it. So, setting up a travel business in Dubai looks like a beneficial idea as it is attracting a lot of international tourists and is elevating day by day.

Travel Company Formation in Dubai

  • Travel company licence
  • A form of application  A copy of the certificate of the experience of your manager
  • Copies of the passport of the manager and the owner of the company
  • A no-objection certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Copy of the identification documents (applicable for nationals of the United Arab Emirates)

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