Dubai Coming with World’s Biggest Lantern Festival from Las Vegas

by Zaara 31, Dec 2019

A festival is an occasion which is celebrated by a society or a community. It's a norm where-in people of the nation get together and have a grand celebration of their particular religion's festival. A festival is always marked as a local or national holiday. There are different types of festivals which are celebrated all over the world. Different countries have different ways of celebrating their festivals. It varies from religion to religion.

Name any subject, Dubai has it all. From the Food Festival to Photography festival, from Art Festival to Shopping Festival, from Film Festival to Sports Festival, from Christmas to New Year's Eve.

Dubai ultimately attracts tourists and participants to celebrate different types of festivals, making sure they have an enjoyable experience.

RiSE Lantern Festival is celebrated to spread a message of hope, dreams and wishes, where lanterns are simultaneously released into the sky, creating a breathtaking and unforgettable experience. The participants can enjoy the food and beverages along with all-new live entertainment from both local and regional musicians. There is a release of 20,000 lanterns, which seems like an incredibly breathtaking moment.

The RiSE Festival debuted first in the United States in 2014 near Las Vegas. It consists of the most visually stunning gatherings on the planet. It leaves it's spiritual home in Las Vegas for the first time this November, and heads to the Sand dunes of Dubai. It is a one-day festival which marks as the most massive lantern release in the world. The lantern is made of biodegradable material and is not harmful to the environment. It is known as the family-friendly event where there are over 100,000 individuals.

Dubai wants to invite the world to RiSE for last six years.

5 Major Attraction Points of Tourism in Dubai

1. Visit Between October and April

   Hot and hotter - these are the only two seasons that you'll experience in Dubai. You'll experience the winter season between October and April; along with blue skies and perfect beach weather.

2. Look for Flights Six Months Ahead

   International airlines generally release their cheapest seats six months before departure dates. It'll be a good idea if you buy your tickets one month before.

3. Hotel Bookings Shall Be Done in Advance

    Dubai is a famous destination for vacation, and you need to be sure of the places that you are about to visit. Because, according to that, you have to book nearby hotels for an early vacancy. You need to hit the reservation done before two to three months in advance.

4.Respect and Celebrate Ramadan

    If you're visiting in the holy month of Ramadan, you need to make sure that you're celebrating the most respectful festival of the Islamic calendar. Explore the places where they grandly celebrate Ramadan.

5. You Should Dress Modestly

There is a need to think conservatively over being revealing and flashy.

Dubai is known for luxury shopping in the United Arab Emirates, along with fantastic architecture and lively nightlife. It has developed a fully rationalize reputation Internationally as a fascinating and ambitious place for vacationing. You have to make sure that your trip to Dubai is an unforgettable experience. Even Dubai is with some strict laws; you shouldn't hesitate to visit Dubai if you get a chance. It's one of the unique destinations, and worth visiting with your family or friends as Dubai is a place that is on many people's bucket lists. People find it expensive to travel to Dubai. There are ways through which you can go travelling in Dubai for cheap.

  • Ride a bike or use the metro
  • Seek out free entertainment
  • Check on the delivered groceries
  • Enjoy street food
  • Enjoy the beach
  • Visit the Dubai Museum and the Al Fahidi Fort
  • The Dubai Canal

Like the Lantern festival, the city of Dubai is a cosmopolitan that hosts hundreds of topical events every year.

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