Dubai Chamber Launches COVID-19 Portal to help Businesses

by Zaara 29, Apr 2020

Dubai Chamber Launches COVID-19 Portal to help Businesses

Given the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses in Dubai, UAE have been subjected to a variety of relief measures, the stimulus package, and the launch of pro-business initiatives from both government and commercial entities.

One such initiative has been launched by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 'Business Connect' is an innovative information platform launched to follow the developments in Dubai in terms of its economy and business sector amidst the impact of coronavirus pandemic. Its main aim is to help companies and institutions in Dubai to overcome the economic repercussions of the spread of coronavirus. The page includes economic and educational resources, news, and various economic viewpoints related to the existing challenges and ways to confront them.

Apart from the theoretical know-how, the page also includes short promotional videos on different topics related to the business industry, some of them from the representatives of the private sector on the Dubai Chamber's campaign #BeSafe #WorkSmart.

The Business Connect platform will contribute to guiding the private sector towards making informed, practical decisions based on consistent data. It will also help businesses to overcome challenges and improve their competitiveness based on their ability to keep abreast of all developments associated to the business environment, signifying that this platform will benefit companies in managing its activities and operations.

Not just the videos and economic viewpoints, the informative platform also includes interactive questionnaires for readers about the economy and the effects of the current outbreak on their work, and proposals to confront them, in addition to providing a comprehensive guide that is continuously updated on the various incentive packages announced by the Emirates and Dubai for the private sector.

It provides a guide for businesses on the National Disinfection Program program and the excluded important sectors. This guide will be frequently updated according to developments declared by the relevant government authorities, which makes the "Business Connect" platform, a primary source of information, articles, analysis, and documented news.

This platform has been launched in cooperation with Entrepreneurs Middle East,  and also provides advice for SMEs and entrepreneurs on how to deal with the current situation, remote working in addition to information on the Community Solidarity Fund.

The platform can be accessed here.

Not just the Mainland authorities, Free Zones in Dubai are also providing stimulus packages to its businesses to help them during the pandemic.

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Why is Dubai considered a diverse economy?

This is because it is a non-oil-dependent country, and the country comprises an eighty percent expatriate population.

How much economic stimulus was announced by the Dubai Government during covid?

1.5 billion dirhams (USD 408 million).

How much deployment was made by the Central Bank of UAE for covid-19?

It deployed a fiscal package of USD 70 billion.

What covid relief policy was introduced for workspace water and electricity for the businesses in Dubai?

The deposits paid for electricity and water in the workspaces, commercial areas, and retail outlets were reduced by 50%. Also, for three consecutive months, there will be a 10% discount on the water and electricity bills of the businesses.

What was the contribution of the Business Connect platform as Dubai’s Covid-19 portal?

The platform aided the private sector in making well-informed & practical decisions based on reliable data. It assisted businesses in overcoming problems and improving their competitiveness by allowing them to stay up with all business-related advancements.

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