Dubai Bank: New App Launches to Boost Customer Loyalty

by Zaara 30, Dec 2019

Despite tighter economic conditions, healthy earnings are being generated by the UAE Banks. The overall operating income has taken a rise significantly from Q4 2018, which is driven by non-interest revenue, off-setting decrease in the interest income. The deposit has increased to 88.3 per cent with eight of the top nine banks in the Loan-to-Deposit Ratio (LDR) “green zone” between 80-100 per cent. It is expected that the liquidity will continue to be stable in 2019.

Noor Bank, a Financial Services Company, was established in January 2008, in Dubai - United Arab Emirates. It is known as the youngest bank in the country. The bank has achieved remarkable growth in the past ten years. In terms of asset size in 2018, the bank is ranked the 11th largest bank in the UAE. The bank offers services throughout the United Arab Emirates. The services include corporate banking, deposits, credit cards, personal banking, wealth management, and other related services. The Dubai-based Shariah-compliant bank has enriched its customer loyalty programme with the launch- Noor Bank Infinity Treats App.

The app consists of Debit and Credit card, and the customers can download the Noor Bank Infinity Treat app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App store to get more benefits. Get free deals, discounts and other offers on entertainment, dining and more at over 1,000 locations across the UAE. It is crucial for banks nowadays to provide Internet Banking Services for the customers because the spending pattern has been changing for a long time.

For providing outstanding customer experiences, they have developed an extremely compelling lifestyle solution for our debit and credit clients.

The bank’s loyalty platform integrates various offerings. The bank is looking forward to the launch and bringing additional platforms in the market for a better future. The simplest way is to enjoy the services and savings.

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How Essential is Customer Satisfaction for Banks in Dubai?

A commoditized space is what the banking industry is defined as. The same products and services are offered by everyone in the market without much room to compete on price. The experience of a customer is one thing that gives one bank a competitive advantage over others. There are many regions where banks can look to stand out by delivering an exceptionally well customer experience.

●Relational Service

The bank and customer relationship has the most significant impact on customer satisfaction. Customers want to be treated as if they matter. Formation of a relationship with their bank is what they want. They want the bank to make an effort to know them instead of just pushing a product.

●Compatible Omni-Channel Experience

It’s a modern banking era, customers can interact with a bank in many ways, which includes both online and mobile banking, at an ATM, and over the phone call through customer service support. The biggest thing that is seen over a while is, customers are consistently engaged in experiencing different channels, which matters to them. To layout excellent customer experience, banks need to deliver on the expectations that their customers have in all channels.

●Problem-Solving Should be Effective

The banks know their Customers’ occasional problems. Customers expect that their bank will immediately solve the problem, and the situation will be corrected soon. Fixing the problem quickly and effectively should be a priority.

●A Call Centre should be Treated Like a Cost Centre

A quality call centre can help you to improve the customer experience. When corners are cut to reduce costs, your call centre can do more harm than good. If you do not give your call centre much importance, resources and enough outsourcing to the most affordable solution, you’ll be at risk in providing a poor customer experience.

●Interpersonal Communication should be Avoided

It is not as large a problem as it was in the recent past, the bank pushes the customer out of branches and makes them lean on digital space to reduce costs, missing the interpersonal communication and relationship building which is the most crucial task to banking customers. The digital solutions should have quality and should be user-friendly. Along with the digital services, the banks have to be committed to getting to know the people that bank is with you.

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When was Noor Bank established?

On January 7, 2008.

What was the paid-up capital of Noor Bank?

AED 3 billion.

Who acquired Noor Bank?

Noor Bank was acquired by Dubai Islamic Bank.

When was Noor Bank acquired?

On January 22, 2020.

What was the motto behind Noor Bank merging with Dubai Islamic Bank?

To strengthen Dubai’s status as a global centre for Islamic finances.