Different Freelancing Options Available in the UAE

by Zaara 06, Nov 2020

Freelancing has become increasingly popular in the United Arab Emirates, and many corporations are looking to employ freelance workers in various fields such as programmers, web developers, writers, designers, data entry staff, and more at a fraction of the cost when compared to the full-time employees. Add to that the government initiatives and various cost-effective freelance permits issued by the various free zones in supporting the new trend.

The freelance license is aimed for promoting freelancers to expand their network, gain more acceptance, and establish their own companies in the UAE for the future. It enables individuals to have legal support for their job identity and gain credibility among clients. The UAEs work scenario is changing with the young generation taking on the work floors; the work culture from regular 9-5 office work is shifting to more flexible work life.

Benefits of being a Freelancer in the Emirates

Different advantages of obtaining a freelance permit in the UAE

  • Flexibility to work anytime from anywhere
  • Gain Self-Sufficiency
  • Work-life Balance
  • Lower the expenses and raise the Profit
  • Option to carry out multiple projects simultaneously
  • Building one's Brand
  • No Office Space Required

Freezones in the UAE that offer Freelance Permit

To work as a freelancer in the Emirates, you need a residence visa and a freelance work permit. There is a chance that you already have a residence visa sponsored by your parent or spouse. But, in case you are not, you can apply for it from a free zone authority. The freezone offering freelancer permit in the UAE are –

1.RAKEZ Freezone

The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone offers cost-effective freelance permits to the entrepreneurs of various business categories like designers, art, media etc. Presently, it is for Media Professionals and Education professionals. To obtain the freelancer permit in RAK, here are the documents you need:

  • Passport copy
  • Valid UAE Residence Visa copy (if applying for a permit without Visa)
  • No Objection Certificate from the sponsor (if applying for a permit without Visa)
  • Portfolio/sample of works or qualification certificate

Once you submit the documents and make a payment, you will receive your freelancer permit.

2.Fujairah Creative City Freezone

The Fujairah Freezone offers multiple packages for getting a freelance permit in all groups. They also provide a Freelancer Company Package that is perfect for start-ups with 4 Visas. It offers all the benefits of a regular company set-up. The package is ideal for start-ups with four visas, providing all the advantages of a regular company set-up. The services include –

  • Trade license validity from 1-3 years
  • Establishment card (1-3 years)
  • Up to 3 visas

3.Ajman Freezone

Ajman Freezone offers suitable packages for Freelancers to start their business quickly. Acquiring a freelance license will permit one employment visa. The documents required to obtain permits in Ajman free zone are –

  • Passport Copy
  • Valid UAE residency Visa copy (if applying for a license without Visa)
  • No Objection Certificate from sponsor (if applying for a license with Visa)
  • Portfolio/Sample of works or qualification certificate

The package also includes rent for the business centre, license for the respective category, general maintenance services

4.Go Freelance Program by TECOM Business Center

Go Freelance is an initiative launched in partnership with Dubai Cluster Authority to encourage freelance opportunities. The members of this community get exclusive opportunities to get new jobs, bid on projects and grow via Marketplace – an online platform introduced to support Go Freelance talent. The steps to apply for a freelance permit in TECOM business centre are –

  1. Apply and submit your online application
  2. Once the application is approved, you need to sign your documents and pay the fees
  3. Shortly afterwards, you'll receive your freelance permit via email.

The activities under the freelance permit are –

  • Web Mobile, Software Development and Architecture Freelancer
  • IT and Telecommunication Networking Freelancer
  • Data Science and Analytics Freelancer
  • Customer Service Freelancer
  • Education Advisor
  • Trainer
  • Researcher
  • Executive Coaching
  • eLearning Advisor
  • Actor
  • Animator
  • Artist
  • Brand Consultant
  • Marketing Specialists and much more

5.   TwoFour54 Abu Dhabi

TwoFour54 Abu Dhabi is a media Freezone located in Abu Dhabi focused on media and entertainment industry. It offers Freelance License Packages for the creative minds looking for an entrepreneurial venture or works independently. The documents required to obtain a permit in this free zone are –

  • Passport Copy
  • Passport-size photo
  • Updated CV
  • Two professional references (with contact details)
  • Work offer or a letter of intent from a twofour54 business partner

The free zone authority will evaluate your application, references and documentation. Once done, they will contact you within three working days with response. Upon approval of your application, they will then initiate a meeting to complete the licensing and residency procedure. Sign and return your documents and make the necessary payments.

These are the different freelancing options provided by the UAE to its freelancers.

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What are the advantages of being an Emirates freelancer?

The benefits are flexible work hours, gaining self-sufficiency, expenses being lowered & profits being raised, one’s brand being built, simultaneously carrying out multiple projects, and no office space required.

Which UAE Freezones offer a freelance permit?

They are RAKEZ Freezone, Fujairah Creative City Freezone, Ajman Freezone, TECOM Business Centre, and TwoFour54 Abu Dhabi.

What reference is required for obtaining a permit for freelancing in the TwoFour54 Abu Dhabi?

Two professional references are essential, along with the contact details.

Which initiative is launched by the TECOM Business Centre?

The initiative launched in Go Freelance in partnership with Dubai Cluster Authority.

When do you need a ‘No Objection Certificate’ while applying for an Ajman Freezone permit freelance?

The ‘No Objection Certificate is required from a sponsor if you apply for the license and a VISA.