Creative Marketing to Promote Your Business During Corona Times

Creative Marketing to Promote Your Business During Corona Times

by Zaara 28, Apr 2020

COVID-19 is already undergoing a widespread impact on industry worldwide, and all signs suggest that we are entering an extended slog of further market disruption. Following the COVID-19, GCC economies are plunging into recession, and it is expected to produce cumulative negative real GDP growth in 2020.Many companies have closed their doors for what may be weeks or even months and are conducting the world's most extensive work from the home experiment. All this chaos implies that you need to reconsider your service marketing department management. Some of you are in crisis mode, while other people are in a wait-and-see manner.

Ten tips to boost your Marketing Skills during COVID-19 Period

Regardless, here are a few general tips to make the most of your marketing teams during this time of uncertainty.

1.Practice Agility

While some marketers can find themselves in additional time when their company is temporarily suspended, many other people are packed into virtual "war rooms" to meet the new challenges. Such marketing experts will lead the way in implementing innovative business approaches in real-time while trying to work online for the first time at the same time. Be prepared to turn on and adapt as things change. Smartly improve by drawing on the colleagues' perspectives and experiences.

2. Using Workers To Trigger The Multiplier Effect Of Social Media marketing

This is because the social networking practices of employees can have significant consumer impacts. This is to the advantage of both workers who are connected to the brand and consumers who get the real sense of the company through the eyes of workers to inspire people to use social media platforms to share their COVID-19 experience or to speak about how their company is doing better. Staff preparation and social media policy development may be used to minimize risks. 

3.Stay Tuned

Although some employees may need to be let go due to company losses, think about how you might be able to train your company employees for the future. What kind of skill sets are weak? Where are the gaps that you are likely to face in post-COVID-19? Some research analysts show that most of the companies only spend 4.7 percent of their marketing budgets on training. Perhaps now is the time to bring this up a notch to plan for the future when the quarantines are lifted.

4.Build Digital Marketing Strength

Research results show that artificial intelligence and machine learning are still modest – rated 2.1 on a 7-point scale. This value is expected to jump to 3.5 over the next three years. This time may be reasonable to make advancement. This will involve the cost of employing a marketing data scientist who can guess and implement the possibilities. Think of it as a strategic marketing mix  expenditure to help your company adapt quickly to changing customer needs.

5.Take Care of Spring Cleaning

Just as home-bound consumers use this "sheltered" time to look after home maintenance and cleaning tasks, advertisers can use this opportunity to do their routine maintenance. Look at current processes and see if there is scope for streamlining or other improvements. For those of you in the brick and mortar service, look for the analog of your dusty closet, such as refreshing your design or adding a fresh coat of paint.

6.Solidify Agency Relations

Research analysts estimated that 24.1 percent of the social media operations of corporations are now carried out by external agencies up from 17.4 percent in 2014. As the economic slowdown spreads budgets thinner, partnerships with agencies could be an ideal place to save money or increase efficiencies. It may sound like consolidating one agency's activities or creating more trust with main agency partners.

7.Think About The Future

We're all concerned about managing the COVID-19 crisis, but don't neglect to think about the long-term consequences for your company. Especially in times of crisis, the staff tends to take care of essential operational short-term tasks. While crucial, you do want to set aside time to think about situations that can arise on the market and how your team will react. Economy of the countries under slump state , so it is very essential to plan for the future.

8.Strengthening Morale Between Retained Employees

It is a time of tremendous volatility, and with many of us working virtually, team activities to boost morality have fallen out of favor. Give some time to encourage staff and arrange events such as digital happy hours or game evenings. If you have the resources, economic incentives can help to reduce stress, especially for employees living close to the bottom, or those employed closer to the front line occupations.

9.Commitment To Master Best Practices

 Working from home is a new challenge for many of us. Commit yourself as much as possible to increase the WFH experience for your people, including inculcating some routine into their working hours. 

A video chat will go a long way in establishing regular times when members of the team realize they can get answers to questions and share feedback as well as create cohesion in this chaotic climate. Until we're back to business as usual, you may even want to hold some of these virtual best practices.

10. Communicate

The workers are scared, and many may be concerned that layoffs are coming. While your strategic plans can not be completely revealed, be as transparent, truthful, and supportive to your workers as you can. Using technology and daily contact to keep us in touch. Encourage workers to do so with each other.

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