Cost of setting up a General Trading company in UAE

by Zaara 26, Apr 2022

Dubai is a favourite fertile soil for business start-ups, and with various business industries, millions of business owners throng every year in Dubai. Dubai maintains a mass market for any industrial sector, and the investors need a license in Dubai to conduct business in the country for business incorporation officially.

Trading is one of Dubai’s leading businesses. Due to its highly strategic location, it has always been considered a business hub for international trade. The desire for a general trade license in Dubai has seen a rise with developments in trade activities. There is a considerable demand for all forms of products in Dubai because there is a significant ex-pat community residing in Dubai.

Different Costs Involved in Issuing a Trade License in UAE

The exact cost of the license will depend upon various factors. Some of the costs which are to be considered while obtaining a license are:

  1. Fees for Voucher Payment

This fee covers Trade Name Booking, Initial Authorization, and License Issuing. Based on business operations, the charge is subject to change.

  1. Fees for the Outsourced Centre

The outsourced centres will charge a total of AED 2000 for the Dubai General Trade License.

  1. Rental costs

The rental costs will not be applicable to any company at least for the first year. The company will not have to pay one year for any leasing expenses.

  1. Hosting Fees

The hosting fees can change according to the business activities which are conducted by the business.

  1. Bliss Lounge

This service is express. If you want your trade permit to be processed immediately, all you need to do is pay an extra sum of AED 3000.

After paying the required fees the company will acquire a General Trading License. This license will be valid for a duration of one year. When the license expires the business needs to renew the license.

Thus, you've come across the process of getting a Dubai trade license. Now it is difficult to receive a permit in a foreign country if you are not familiar with the rules and procedures. The hectic aspect that one has to go through is the renewal of the trade license process. The best you can do at this time is to talk with a business analyst who recognizes your needs and can have a personalized solution.

If you have any queries about setting up a business or obtaining a license for such an enterprise, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than pleased to assist you.


How long can it take to acquire a General Trading License?

It can take anywhere between three days to a week to obtain a General Trading License

How long is a General Trading License valid?

The General Trading License is valid for a duration of one year.

Can we renew a Trade license before its expiration date?

Yes, you can renew it before the expiration date.

What is the grace period available to a business for the renewal of the trade license?

A company has 30 days after the expiration of the license. Till then no fine will be applicable to the business.