Cost of LLC Formation in Dubai

by Jayati Gadamsetty 23, Feb 2024

Dubai is the home to many entrepreneurs and could be your home, too! Setting up a Limited Liability Company is the best way to do so. 

The LLC formation in Dubai is the top pick, allowing flexibility and limited liability protection. Although this is the best company formation option, it is important to know its cost. 

This blog will give you complete information about the LLC company cost in Dubai.

What is an LLC formation in Dubai?

A Limited Liability Company is a mixture of a corporation and a partnership. It provides limited liability to its members (owners). An LLC company can conduct business operations across the UAE and GCC countries without any limitations.

However, a local sponsor is required and must own 51% of the company shares.

Costs Associated with LLC Company Setup Dubai

The LLC company cost in Dubai can vary based on various factors. The costs are usually straightforward. 

Below is the cost breakdown for the cost of LLC company formation in dubai. 

  1. Startup Expenses

Every business is required to have a minimum capital set aside for various expenses. 

  1. Cost of Licenses 

A license is a legal document that allows business operations. A trade license is a very common license chosen by most of the entrepreneurs. Dubai offers different types of licenses for various business activities.

  • Tourism license
  • Industrial license
  • Industrial licenses
  • Agricultural license
  • Professional license
  • Commercial licenses
  1. Reservation of Business Name

The applicant must submit a name to the relevant authorities and the required fees.  It includes fees for reservations, commercial name fees, and foreign name fees, and these make the prices fluctuate based on the name that is selected.

  1. Notarisation of Memorandum of Association

Notarisation of MOA occurs between the company's partners or the shareholders. It is a one-time expense, and the cost differs based on the capital investment.

  1. DED Fees

All businesses must pay certain fees to register with the Department of Economic Development Dubai (DED). Some of the costs included in the DED fees are -

  • Commercial license fees
  • Chamber of Commerce fee
  • Administravtive Service fee
  • Mainland Trade license fees
  • Commercial Services Improvement fee
  1. Employee Costs

The company must take care of employee and labour costs. Salaries vary based on expertise and experience. 

  1. Agent Fees

Hiring legal, financial, and business experts is essential to running the business smoothly. The fees of these professionals differ. Always opt for someone with plenty of knowledge.  

  1. Office Rent

Renting an office space in Dubai mainland is vital. The location of the office can be as per your choice, and the costs depend on location, size, etc. After renting the office space, authorities will conduct an inspection.

  1. Cost of Operations

The cost of running a company keeps fluctuating. Always keep a safe amount ready for miscellaneous expenditures. 

End Note 

The cost of LLC formation in Dubai depends on the business activity and setup. Although the initial investment can be high, the benefits and growth of the market make up for it. Keep in mind factors such as tax benefits, global reach, and business environment while assessing the cost benefits. 

Teaming up with reliable consultants can ensure a seamless transition into the business world and adherence to regulations.

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What are the types of fees I have to pay for a Limited Liability Company set up in Dubai?

  • DED Fees
  • Mainland Trade License Fees
  • Commercial License fees (if commercial activity is carried out, a yearly fee)
  • Chamber of Commerce fees (yearly fee)
  • Commercial service improvement fees (yearly fee)
  • Administrative fee 

How much will it cost to register an LLC company Dubai?

It costs anywhere around AED 26000.

How much will it cost to set up an offshore company in Dubai?

It depends on various factors. However, it generally costs around $5500.

How much will it cost to set up a company in Dubai freezone?

It depends on the freezone, the activity you choose, the scale of your business etc.

What is the minimum capital required for a Dubai LLC?

A minimum capital of AED 300000 (USD 81,810) is required.