Two people are starting a construction business in Saudi Arabia

Construction Business in Saudi Arabia

by Shivaanjan 14, May 2024

Known for its architectural beauty, Saudi Arabia’s construction market is growing rapidly. This can be attributed to the increasing Public-Private partnership which is contributing significantly to the country’s economy.

Along with that, the government's Vision 2030 which aims to create a future that is both innovative and sustainable makes the construction industry in Saudi Arabia quite promising for entrepreneurs.

This article provides insights into the Saudi Arabian construction market by exploring the key trends, opportunities, and how to start a construction business in Saudi Arabia.

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Growth of the Construction Industry in Saudi Arabia

Here are some of the pointers that focus on the growth of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia.

  • The Saudi Arabian construction market is growing at a good CAGR.
  • Saudi Arabia has developed numerous projects and is transforming its landscape due to the emerging trends and initiatives taken by the government. 
  • High technology such as AI, robotics, and 3D printing is expected to play a major role in transforming the entire construction sector in the country.
  • Multiple high-worth infrastructural projects are underway and many are in the pipeline.
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Sub-sectors of the Construction Industry

The construction industry in Saudi Arabia is divided into different segments. Let us look at them:

Residential Construction

This sub-sector deals with projects that revolve around providing housing facilities. According to the Vision 2030 document, the government plans to increase residential complexes to help residents own more upscale residential projects at an affordable price.

Industrial Construction

Industrial construction contributes significantly to the diversification of the Saudi economy by aiming to expand the country's industrial base. Projects such as chemical plants, manufacturing facilities and other industrial plants are part of this sub-sector.

Commercial Construction

Projects such as hospitality buildings, leisure, office/retail spaces, and other commercial faculties are included in this subsector. Modern commercial infrastructures play an important role in attracting foreign investors and help fulfil goals as part of the Vision 2030 mission.

Energy and Utilities Construction

The sub-sector mainly revolves around renewable energy and utilities connected directly to it, such as power, telecommunication, etc. This is a significant sector as Vision 2030 has a lot of initiatives regarding it thereby highlighting the commitment of the Saudi Arabian government towards sustainable energy development.

Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure construction deals with developing infrastructural projects that help facilitate transportation. This includes developing roads, spanning rail, bridges, etc. This sub-sector is backed by heavily incentivised government initiatives and urbanisation.

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How to Setup Your Construction Company In Saudi Arabia

Let us briefly understand the steps you will need to follow to start a construction business in Saudi Arabia. The process is identical to what is followed for setting up a business in Saudi Arabia:

Work on your action plan and choose between the different sub-sectors available. Conducting a SWOT analysis can help you make better decisions while minimising risks.

Understanding the market is crucial to understand the prospective demand while analysing the pain points. This helps you evaluate whether your business offering is feasible or not.

Be sure to choose a unique trade name that complies with Saudi regulations and existing trademarks. Post that, you need to reserve the business name through the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

Draft the MoA which outlines business objectives, share capital, shareholder details, etc. You need to get it notarized with a Saudi notary public or other competent authority.

Finding the right and optimal business space is crucial. You can make this decision depending on the subsector you choose and your financial budget.

Obtain licenses and permits relevant to your sub-sector from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) to operate legally in Saudi Arabia. You must register your business with certain other authorities such as the Industry and Commerce Ministry, the Ministry of Zakat and Taxes, the Ministry of Labor, etc.

Submit the necessary documents and apply for the commercial registration certificate and tax card from the MOC or SAGIA. Some of the documents which need to be submitted are the title deed, Zakat certificate and the original income certificate.

The final step is to open a bank account to streamline your finances and transactions.

Now that you have an idea about the construction sector and know how to start your own construction business in Saudi Arabia, you must be excited. However, if you need more clarity regarding setting up your construction business in Saudi Arabia, contact Commtbiz. Our experts can streamline the entire business setup process and offer customised services to cater to your business problems.

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