China State: Emaar’s Marina Vista Project to be built in Dubai

by Zaara 26, Dec 2019

China is a country in East Asia and is the most popular country in the world. It is known as the fourth largest country by total area. It’s famous in terms of Business, Production and Retailing, Manufacturing products which are of low cost and are of good use and contain a warranty. The exports and imports from China happen from all round the world. It has an immense amount of population which highlights their posh market and attraction towards shopping and spreading the word about the company and its products.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC)

It is a construction company which is the largest in the world in terms of revenue and comes under the 14th largest general contractor concerning overseas sales, as of 2016. It has won a contract of building Emaar’s Marina Vista Project on the Dubai seafront which is next to the Palm Jumeirah. Middle East Economic Digest (MEED) has reported it to be the most active contractor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Real estate and construction business in Dubai has been growing for a long time and is in increased demand. It continues to be as one of the top leading centres in the construction industry.

Business Models Leveling Up

The business models have been used to changes. Upgradation in technology and new topics have taken a hike in this era. It is being reshaped according to the economy and innovation.

Companies that are not able to respond to the changes are getting affected in their long-term expectations. There are billions of opportunities that anybody can grab and efficiently make use of it.

Building a Construction Startup

It is essential to understand the amount of preparation and work that is involved. Establishing a new business takes much hard work, research and shall be considered as an exercise towards success. Are you looking to do something to launch your construction startup in Dubai? To expand the foundation of your plans, follow these ten steps:

  1. A Solid Business Plan should be Put Together
  2. Set a Good Home Base for Your Startup
  3. Your Legal Ducks shall be in a Row
  4. Your Tax Requirements shall be Understood
  5. Your Insurance Responsibilities shall be Understood
  6. Financing should be Secured
  7. The Suppliers, Business Associates, and Other Contractors shall be networked regularly
  8. Hiring Employees or Contractors decide which is better for your business
  9. It is crucial to Establish an Advertising and Marketing Budget
  10. Funds shall be Allocated on time for Construction Software

Briefing on Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is into real estate business and is one of the world’s most valuable, innovative and admired development companies. It has entered the most exciting phase in the young history of Dubai. The global community had endorsed the winning bid that was won by China. Emaar has refined the dynamics of property development over the past 17 years. It has built the world’s largest mall, created world-class hotels, and expanded to international markets. It is drawing on the future offered by Dubai as one of the world’s leading business, fashion hubs and leisure, and the opportunities in rapidly-growing international markets.

The Construction Venue of Emaar Marina Vista

Dubai Cruise Terminal, located between Bluewaters and Palm Jumeirah, will become the central hub for international cruise ships visiting or deployed in the region and is part of Dubai Harbour. The work on the project will be conducted by ASGC, a vertically integrated construction group that is the best known for delivering special projects in the UAE. The construction has to be of two residential buildings, which is covered by the contract. The first would be of the 35-storey tower and the second a 45-storey steeple. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing is also included in the scope.

Emaar’s Environment Policy

Protection and sustainability of the environment and their community are the things they are committed. They follow strict rules and guidelines to ensure there is no or minimal impact on the ecosystem and the environment. They work hard in educating and spreading awareness among the stakeholders. They place heavy emphasis on sustainability by eliminating, reduce and control environmental impacts.

They are targeting to minimise the depletion of both locally and globally in terms of natural resources through controlled use, reuse and recycle the materials and energy.

The development focuses on removing, substitute, reduce and control the use, release and disposal of hazardous and waste products in support of prevention of pollution. They will also take care of the environment by keeping their neighbours and nearby communities in mind; it ensures that the environment’s impact shouldn’t affect others. They are dedicated to strengthening awareness about greener lifestyle through saving energy and natural resources.

The Emaar Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a type of international private business self-regulation. Every successful business or company tries to come out with several CSR activities to attract more audience, maintain goodwill and mainly to boost employee morale and create greater productivity in the workforce.

Emaar Foundation was launched by Global property developer Emaar Properties to undertake Regional and International CSR Initiatives. It will be served as the group’s apex entity to operate CSR activities to position Emaar as a global leader and inspires humanity. The foundation is aligned to maintain the company’s brand value. Through leadership and its commitment to support the underprivileged, will help them towards making a tangible contribution. The foundation also supports the United Nations - World’s Food Programme, which is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger and promote awareness of fighting hunger and poverty.

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