Businesses which are Thriving Despite the COVID-19 Lockdown

by Zaara 23, Apr 2020

Businesses which are Thriving Despite the COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global lockdown and has affected businesses in every business sector of every size. Things that once seemed to be a far-fetched Hollywood storyline are now the reality of day-to-day living for many individuals. Every government worldwide has some tough choices to make about societal health and economic prosperity.

Businesses across different sectors have been forced to readapt their plans in response to the social distancing measures put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus. Business sectors like tourism, aviation, e-commerce, and hospitality are the worst hit. However, some businesses are thriving during the pandemic as they experience a spike in demand for their products and services.

Shocking right? Well, essential services like healthcare, food delivery, and pharmaceuticals are seeing spike given the limited movement of humans and need of the hour. Listed below are a few business sectors which are booming during the lockdown period.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is in demand more than ever. Due to rising COVID-19 patients, more beds, and more hospitals have been occupied. The healthcare technology firms that offer home diagnostics and telemedicine service (allows patients to have virtual consultations with a doctor remotely) are witnessing a rush in the number of customers and queries. Healthcare also is related to pharmaceuticals. The R&D team of all pharma companies worldwide is trying to find a cure for the virus while parallelly manufacturing testing kits, tablets like hydroxychloroquine, paracetamol, and more. Hence, the contribution of the healthcare sector to the COVID-19 outbreak is unmeasurable.

2. Delivery Service Companies

People stuck in their homes are allowed to have limited movement, which is why delivery companies providing services during this crisis have seen a spike. With everyone staying at their home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, last-mile delivery businesses that transport essential products such as grocery and medicine are experiencing a surge in business.

3. Drones

Delivering medical samples by the drone can significantly reduce unnecessary human contact throughout the transport cycle. The drone sector has seen an increase in business over the last two months, and industry analysts forecast the trend to continue. Drone technology that had earlier been used to spray pesticides in agricultural fields was successfully used by China to spray disinfectants in public places and on prevention vehicles traveling across affected areas.

Countries including China, Spain, India, and South Korea are using drones to keep an eye on people during lockdown campaigns.

4. E-Commerce

The products that come under essential services are being delivered by E-Commerce companies like Amazon. They are witnessing an overwhelming demand from customers placing online orders for packed foods and household goods as they avoid congested supermarkets and stores. However, one of the main challenges faced by the sector is supply chain disruption as they struggle to meet increasing demand.

5. Online Work Platforms

Since most of the companies are working from home, the communication gap has to be dealt with. Video-conferencing and other real-time communication tools are the need of the hour to stay in touch with their colleagues. Platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Slack are experiencing an increase in the number of users on their platforms.

These industries are in demand more than ever. Eventually, the world will return to business as usual. Until then, this is the new normal.

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