Brand Experience Through Packaging

by Zaara 25, Jan 2016

Brand Experience Through Packaging

WOW! That Package!

So you have got an amazing product. The functionalities are off the chart and your marketing strategies are in line with best practices in the category. But your sales are not what you had expected. There are products in the market that are not as good as yours, yet they have better sales figure. Sitting on the shelves around the stores the product is not being picked up by your customers. Ever wondered why?

Packaging is the key. Packaging is one of the key components of branding which most of the companies ignore. In the era of super and hypermarkets where the aisle is filled with product and cramped together, only your packaging can help you to move your products from the shelves to the shopping cart.

Good product packaging can become your brand identity itself. Imagine a lady walking with a robin’s egg blue color paper bag; most of the people will identify it with Tiffany & Co. But those same people might not be able to identify the jewelry itself.

Getting a good product packaging design doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be right for your product and its industry. That’s the way the bridge from shelf to the shopping cart is created.

Creating Impactful Product Packaging

Know thy Customer!

Understand the customer demographics. What would they like is how your product should look like. Just because work and elegance work for Apple, doesn’t mean it would work for you. Talk to the designers and strategist to come up with the best design.

Expensive look and feasible Design

Good Design need not be expensive. Find an agency that thinks the same way you do. Sometimes a single label designed correctly can do the magic.

Packaging is the Customer’s brand experience

Create packaging that is fun. We understand that it is not possible with all the products, but there can always be something that makes your customer wow! Or even curious.

Get on the Green Wagon.

Eco-Friendly or reusable packaging can attract customers. Even if everyone ignores climate change, a small gesture of buying earthy and eco-friendly makes them feel good. Tapping into these emotions can also do wonders for your product.

Be honest

Most of the products need information’s to be provided on the packaging. Be honest about the information you provide. In the current market, wrong information can blow up in your face because of social media.

Try a few of these and feel free to let us know. And if you feel you need someone to help with packaging in Dubai, feel free to contact us.

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