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A Boom in Dubai Tourism as It Sets to Attract 40 million New Tourists!

by Sweta Bose 16, Nov 2022

It appears that Dubai will receive millions of additional visitors. With ambitions to bring 40 million more hotel guests by as early as 2031, the Dubai tourism industry seems to be in for a boom.

The new national plan has been revealed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. According to him, the Emirate is one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world, and they want to further their competitiveness by luring Dhs100 billion in new tourism investments and hosting 40 million hotel guests by 2031.

HH Sheikh Mohammed emphasized the value of tourism to the UAE economy and expressed the expectation that the new plan will increase the sector's overall GDP contribution to Dhs450 billion. The contribution from tourism must rise by Dhs27 billion yearly if that goal is to be met.

What is the Plan for a Boost in Dubai Travel and Tourism?

The strategy calls for introducing 25 initiatives and policies to promote tourism. To draw in foreign businesses, investment will also be encouraged in the tourism, aviation, and hotel industries.

HH Sheikh Mohammed thought tourism is a crucial component of diversifying the national economy and a crucial tributary to solidifying global competitiveness. The number of tourists visiting the Emirates has increased significantly this year, and during the first half of 2022, revenue exceeded Dhs19 billion.

The overall number of hotel visitors increased by 42% to 12 million. This was especially evident in Dubai, where it was reported that foreign visitors had increased by 182 percent year over year.

Additionally, it appears likely that this will also rise sharply during the ensuing weeks. Due to increased demand brought on by the proximity to the tournament hosts, Qatar, hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi anticipate increasing occupancy rates by 80 to 100%.

The Dubai Tourism Department’s Strategy

The Dubai, UAE's Tourism Department has already created an ambitious tourism strategy supported by ongoing planning and strategy development that aims to draw 25 million visitors by the end of 2025. The ultimate goal is to overtake Bangkok, London, and Paris and elevate Dubai's position as the world leader in the tourism industry.

It currently needs more than 50% more visitors than it already has. It is anticipated to contribute 12.4% of the GDP by the end of 2027. The impact is also visible in the employment sector, which would develop to reach its subsequent level.

Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Starting a Tourism Business in Dubai

Though it is a lucrative business option, certain core things should be taken care of before your tourism business setup in Dubai. Some key points are mentioned below.

  • Recognize the needs of the customers
  • Obtain the Correct License
  • Create a spending plan.
  • Recognize Your Competition
  • Investigate and Develop Related Business Strategies
  • Develop Your Online Presence
  • Product branding and marketing that works
  • Integrate proper accounting and auditing procedures into internal processes
  • Establish Contact with Your Clients.

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What is the estimated tourism GDP contribution for Dubai by 2027?

It is anticipated to contribute 12.4% of the GDP by the end of 2027.

What percentage of foreign visitors increased in Dubai?

The number of foreign visitors in Dubai had increased by 182 percent year over year.

How much are the anticipated hotel occupancy rates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for FIFA 2022?

Hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi anticipate occupancy rates to increase by 80 to 100%.

How much was the tourism revenue in Dubai during the first half of 2022?

The revenue exceeded Dhs19 billion.

What will be done to draw in foreign businesses to Dubai?

To draw in foreign businesses, investment will also be encouraged in the tourism, aviation, and hotel industries.

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