Benefits of Starting a Business in DSFZ

by Zaara 29, Nov 2019

Benefits of Starting a Business in DSFZ

The Dubai South Free Zone or DSFZ is a free zone which will first host the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, and when the expo gets over, then the free zone will be developed. The free zone will be making use of both the old infrastructure of the expo and the new one which will be specially created for the free zone. As this free zone is already in the view of everyone, setting up a company in DSFZ sounds a wonderful opportunity for people in business and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

This free zone covers an area of 145 sq. Km is prepared in such a way that it can host around a million people at a single time. The creation of this free zone will create job opportunity for 50,000 people, both indigenous and foreigners. Previously known as Dubai World Central, this free zone was renamed as the Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ) so that the name reflects the strategic and important position of the free zone.

This free zone is located nearby the Jebel Ali Sea Port and after development will comprise the world's largest airport – The Al Maktoum International Airport, which will become the staple place to host the Dubai Air Show. The making and development of this project are undertaken by the government and will consist of a commercial, logistic, aviation exhibition and residential districts. For leisure, it will have an entire region which will be dedicated to sports and will be named as the golf district.

With the availability of various dedicated districts, setting up a company in this free zone is a lovely opportunity. For the help of businesses, the DSFZ has its business park and provides various logistics services to a company. It has a separate residential for living and independent districts for shopping. The vision of the free zone is to create a society that invests, lives and works in a healthy and happy environment and the various amenities it provides helps in achieving the set goals.      

Benefits of Setting a company in DSFZ

There are many reasons which will attract people in business and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1.Strategic Location

Conveniently located nearby the Jebel Ali Port and home to the world’s largest airport after development – The Al Maktoum International Airport, the business setup here will have access to raw materials and markets from all over the world. This free zone is also connected with the other emirates via the Sheikh Zayed Road.

There will be no problems in the transfer of goods to and from the free zone as the area is one of the most heavily used logistic trade route in the world and the middle east is considered as the meeting point of the east with the west.

2.Availability of a range of Business Activities

The DSFZ permits much different business as there is the availability of various licences such as the following:

·Commercial License

The holder of the Commercial License can conduct specified commercial activities throughout the UAE.

·Logistics License

This license will allow the holder to conduct specific logistic services.

·General Trading License

The General Trading license will allow the holder to import, export, store and sell products in UAE via a local distributor.

·Education License

This licence will allow the holder to conduct educational and social services, educational training and educational consultancy services

·Service License

This license will enable the holder to provide the service specified in the license within the free zone and elsewhere in the UAE.

·Industrial License

This license will allow the conducting of light manufacturing activities.

3.Secure and Highly Regulated Business Environment

The free zone also needs to provide a safe environment which offers state of the art facilities and also takes care of the security and privacy of the companies. The business environment is highly regulated, and periodic checks for compliance with the rules and regulations are conducted.

4.The Bright Future

This free zone will be hosting the world expo 2020 and later on will be converted to a place where the companies can be set up. This place will also be hosting the Dubai Air Show and because of these reasons the eyes of everyone will be at the free zone.

There are also various other benefits that a company can avail by setting up a company in the free zone, such as:

  • No or minimal Personal and Corporate tax
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • No restriction on the type of currency
  • Availability of flexible Commercial lease
  • No import and Export Duties
  • 100% Foreign Ownership and complete repatriation of Profit and Capital
  • Easy Setup Procedure
  • Availability of Flexi desk offices to companies with a limited budget

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