Benefits of Setting up an Event Management Company in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Feb 2020

Benefits of Setting up an Event Management Company in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its events in the World. Dubai is notably famous for its nightlife. There are many shopping destinations and tourist locations which make Dubai one of the most promising holiday spots in the World. The beautiful heritage and ancient culture make Dubai even more famous among tourists. Event management business is one of the most renowned business industries of the UAE. Talking about the event, Expo 2020, is termed as one of the essential milestones that can change the economy of Dubai.

Event Management Business in Dubai

Event Management business is expanding industry across the World. Event Management means to organise events, ceremonies, celebrations, seminars or conferences etc. Many entrepreneurs forward straight to investing in the booming industry of event management. Incorporating an event management company is a convenient task if you the right skills in business ideas.

The event management industry is generating. With the increase in several populations, tourists, the number of events will also expand. The Event Management industry is one of the never-closing sectors of the World. The events always attract a massive amount of audiences. The more are the number of visitors. The more will be the need for such event management companies.

Why Set Up an Event Management Company in Dubai

Following are the reasons why a particular should choose Dubai for Event Management business.

Strategic Location

Dubai is located strategically between Europe, Asia, and Africa and is a perfect place for setting up many business activities including international trading, export, hospitality, logistics, event management, tourism, and so on. Dubai is situated in the middle of the UAE coast stretching along four hundred miles. It has both ways open, the sea and has one of the biggest airports in the World, Dubai facilitates transportation of goods between West and East through that. Thus, Dubai has access to 2.5 billion consumer markets situated in the Gulf, Asia, Africa, CIS countries and Europe.

No taxation

The UAE’s economy, in general, is stated to be the most liberal and most liberal and most diversified in the region. Dubai applies no taxation policy for almost every type of business activities except for branches of international banks, hotels and essential oil and gas companies.

In Dubai, The following taxes are NOT applied.

  • Value-added Tax

  • Capital gains tax

  • Personal Income Tax

  • Corporate Tax

  • Withholding Tax

  • Infrastructure

If you are incorporating a business in Dubai, then you don’t require to think about finding an office, a retail shop, manufacturing warehouse or a unit. High and new standard tourism, industrial, commercial, residential facilities have been built rapidly and on a massive scale during the last decades.

Moreover, a new road, more convenient public transport system, a new airport has been developed. The UAE’s infrastructure has been ranked as among the best in the World. The country ranked second in quality of roads, third in the quality of air transport, eight in the ground transport network and fifth in port infrastructure.

Industry Growth

According to most of the research and survey, it has been provided that the construction industry is on a peak of growth. The UAE has ranked the highest construction value by reaching USD 319.1 billion, accounting for 51.1% of the total construction value on the top one hundred projects in the GCC region. The UAE has stepped forward some of the enormous construction projects in infrastructure and other segments. The extraordinary growth in chief projects such as the USD 6.8bn in Abu Dhabi International Airport and USD 7.8 billion expansion of Dubai International Airport.

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Is event management business profitable in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai being a happening city encourages a lot of events and is a highly booming industry in the UAE region.

What are the most beneficial services to offer in event management business in Dubai?

  • Wedding planning

  • Party planning

  • Corporate events

  • Tourism events 

Etc are some of the best services to offer.

How much will it cost to start an event management business company in Dubai?

It depends on the location you choose, services you offer, the scale of your business etc.

What is the growth of event business in Dubai?

After expo 2020 Dubai is to witness a high boom in the event industry.

Is it good to invest in Dubai Event management industry?

The business is expected to contribute AED 68.9 billion. Thus, it is the right time to invest in Dubai event management.

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