Benefits of having a freelance visa in Dubai

Benefits of Freelance Visa in Dubai

by Zaara 11, Mar 2022

Everybody at any point in time would have wished to start their own company and bring life to their passion. However, we are often caught in the wheel of daily work and life. 

Nonetheless, some break free and make a conscious effort to do so, and what better place to pursue your entrepreneurial business than the United Arab Emirates? Here, you can either start your own business, i.e., be a sole proprietor, or you can be a freelancer.

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Why Freelance in Dubai

Freelancing is generally recommended for a person who seeks to be self-employed and doesn’t work as a full-time employee for others. It widens the scope for an individual to be one’s own boss.  People in different parts of the world have accepted freelancing.

Freelancer in Dubai has been increasing rapidly. A company’s cost might come down to a great extent by hiring freelancers. One can avail of different benefits if he/she chooses to be a freelancer in Dubai. Thus, the freelancing profession is a win-win opportunity for both the company and the freelancer.

Freelance jobs in Dubai offer several benefits; below are some of the many.

  • Flexibility to work anytime from anywhere

Being able to work at your own time and your own pace is something that everyone would love to do. Yet not many can get that privilege. A freelance professional can work with their own rhythm, just keeping an eye on the deadline.

  • Gain Self-Sufficiency

After entrepreneurship, freelancing is the only profession that lets you be your own boss. Being an entrepreneur comes with lots of risks. However, being a freelancer, you can be risk-free yet self-sufficient.

  • Work-life Balance

Being able to balance personal and professional life is a dream for every employee. There has always been a gap between the company and the employee with regards to the employee’s disagreement with not being allowed to focus much on personal life. With respect to freelancing, this box is ticked in bright green.

  • Fewer expenses, Higher profit

Being able to work in the comfort of your home not only emotionally boosts you but also supports you financially. It cuts so many costs from your bills, including transport, food and other miscellaneous expenses. 

  • Option to Carry out Multiple Projects Simultaneously

With freelancing, you can move out of your monotonous task, pick up new exciting tasks, and work simultaneously to keep up the enthusiasm. This brings you closer to your work and keeps the spirit alive. You can also have the liberty to choose what you want

  • Building One’s Own Brand

Being a freelancer can bring out your individual skills. Everything you do is on you — be it a credit or a critic. If you have talent, you would be recognized for all of it, which in turn lets you build and market yourself as an individual—leading to personal and professional development.

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Why Hire Freelancers in Dubai?

As becoming a freelancer in Dubai, hiring a freelancer in Dubai also has many advantages–

  • Low hiring cost

Compared to full-time employees, hiring freelancers comes with the benefit of cost-cutting. The company can save office space, transport, food, incentives and bonuses, recreation costs and other various elements. Simultaneously, hiring procedures are also much easier.

  • Multiple Options

Several individuals are extensively adapting to the freelance profession. It becomes easier for organizations to choose the resource they want. Regarding being a freelancer, talent and experience matter more than an academic degree.

  • The freedom to Hire Industry-Specific Experts

Many companies spend their time in hiring and training their employees on what they work for and how the approach toward the business is. In the case of a fresher, the workload and the time spent are more. By the time the employee is almost trained, there are possibilities that they would easily quit the job. This, in turn, is a waste of time and money for the company. On the contrary, companies save more money and time with a professional freelancer.

  • Possibility of International Hiring

Regarding full or part-time employee hiring, geographical location has always been a priority condition. This makes the organization lose a good resource and vice versa. Freelancing plays a major role in bridging this gap.

  • Less Commitment

Hiring requires lots of commitment. From employment bonds, appraisal, and timely bonuses to many more. On the other hand, hiring a freelance worker reduces work and reduces responsibilities.

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End Note

Freelancing is becoming more common in the UAE, particularly with the younger generation. The initiatives by government authorities are a great support for the sector. Furthermore, cost-effective freelance options are issued by various free zones in the UAE, making freelancing the most sought-after business.

For availing our services or for in-depth details, contact us. Our dedicated team will help you out in all ways possible.

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What are the three things to consider before obtaining a freelancing license in the UAE?

The three things are as follows:

  • Decide your business activity

  • Scalability

  • Flexibility

For which sectors does the UAE freelance license applicable?

The sectors are technology, media, and education.

What is prohibited for an individual after getting a freelance permit in the Emirates?

Obtaining a Tax Identification Number is not allowed for an individual in this case.

What is the benefit of establishing yourself as a freelancer in Ajman Free Zone?

You can get a service license under which IT consulting, marketing strategy, web design consultancy, etc., services are provided.

Who can apply for the license provided in the free zone of Ajman for UAE freelancing?

Professionals can apply for this license, including audio technicians, chief editors, artists, choreographers, announcers, art critics, animators, event managers, actors, etc.