All about BENAYAT in Bahrain

by Zaara 16, Sep 2022

BENAYAT Building Permit Portal is Bahrain’s official system for issuing building permits for all residential, investment, commercial, industrial, etc. It allows applicants to obtain the necessary information to prepare the documents and drawings needed to apply for a building permit.

This system enables the offices to apply for permits, enquire about the application status, obtain a consultation from concerned government entities, pay the fees, and avail of other building-related services. These highly professional offices hold a license by The Council of Regulating the Practice of Engineering Professions.

The council has granted them legal status to practice engineering-related activities. Known as the Engineering Offices, they vary according to the classified category, which depends on the area of specialization, number, and age of experience of the engineers working for that office.

Role of the Government Service Entities of the BENAYAT, Bahrain

For all the applications, BENAYAT provides information and consultation services to the engineering offices if needed. Their role varies based on the size of the construction required.

  • Applications requesting new additions or constructions 50 sqm or less:

They study, review, and process all applications before issuing the building permit

  • Applications requesting new additions or constructions exceeding 50 sqm:

They perform an audit on the applications after distributing the building permit to ensure that the applying engineering offices have complied with the requirements and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain

  • They also process the applications which require pre-approvals.

The Permit Application Procedure for Buildings in Bahrain

A property owner's official request is to obtain approval before construction work begins.

  1. Submit the Application

It should be submitted through an engineering office. Applying must be done through a licensed engineering office.

Then it applies through the portal and selects an accredited office to revise all documents and drawings. After the accredited engineering does the modification, the application will electronically be passed to concerned government entities.

  1. Submit the Documents Required

The documents mentioned below are essential to execute the process flawlessly.

The Engineering Drawings

  • Sectors and facades drawings
  • The structural drawings
  • The sewage drawings
  • The internal maps of the water network
  • The cross-section drawing.

Other Important Documents

  • Letter from the owner
  • A copy of the new title deed
  • A copy of the property owner’s (or their representatives/ inheritors’) IDs
  • The latest land survey certificate
  • A traffic impact assessment study (if applicable)
  • A recent photo of the site
  • A copy of CR (Commercial Registration), the industrial license, and the industrial land lease agreement (required for parcels managed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism).

The Documents for Particular Categories

  • A no objection letter from the Supreme Council for Environment for the factories
  • An approval from the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority for the hotels and serviced apartments
  • Permission from the Ministry of Education for the schools and universities
  • An approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development for the nurseries and educational institutes
  • An approval from the National Health Regulatory Authority for the hospitals or medical centers
  • An approval from the Ministry of Justice or Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs for Mosques.
  1. Pay the Fees for the Permit

The applicant must pay the associated fees to issue the permit electronically. The price varies according to the zone, the permit, and the built-up area.

An insurance fee must also be paid along with it (this amount will be refunded upon completion of the building, provided no violations were there).

  1. Wait for the Approval of the Building Permit

It takes five working days for the government entities to place their inputs on the application. Then, the accredited engineering offices review the documents and drawings.

The time dependency is on the agreement between the property owner, certified engineering office, and licensed engineering office.

The Permit Validity and Its Renewal for the Construction Companies in Bahrain

For a construction company registration in Bahrain, the permits have validity for one year from the date of their issuance. Construction work should begin within this period, or else the permit must be renewed.

The piling works are not considered as commencing of construction works.

Renewing the Building Permit

The renewing can be done by paying the fees if there are no changes to the building requirements, drawings, or zoning, and the new building permit will be issued. The applicant must submit a new application if there are any changes to the building requirements and drawings.


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Can the payments be made digitally to apply for a building permit in Bahrain?


What does an interactive map provide?

An interactive map provides critical information for land parcels and centralizes all the requirements and regulations under one system.

Does the General Directorate of Civil Defense form is required?


How to apply for renewal if there is a change in the zoning?

The applicant must obtain pre-approval from the Urban Planning and Development Authority and then apply for a new building permit.

How long are the building permits valid in Bahrain?

One year.