All You Want to Know About KIKLABB Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai

by Zaara 18, Nov 2021

One of the many reasons why foreign entrepreneurs flock to the country is the quick, inexpensive, and transparent company forming process of the UAE. You could be operating a UAE company within weeks with the guidance of a trusted expert.

You have the choice of starting a mainland or free zone company when you set up here. Free zone businesses also benefit from the absence of currency controls, the right to repatriate both resources and income, and customs tax deductions, in addition to upfront licencing costs and low overheads. It is on top of the UAE's attractive corporate and personal tax rates of 0 per cent.

It's essential to deal with a provider who has the expertise and experience to help you, not only through the application process but far beyond, whether you opt for mainland or free zone setup. You're still in safe hands when you set up at KIKLABB, with the help of the Trade License Region.

As of now, KIKLABB is the cheapest among them when it comes to prices compared to other Free Zones in Dubai. KIKLABB is a newly developed free zone located on Mina Rashid Lane, Queen Elizabeth 2, less than a 15-minute drive from the International Free Zone of Dubai. KIKLABB Free Zone fulfils all the requirements of individuals or companies who are looking to set up a new company in Dubai.


What is KIKLABB?

To boost the fast-growing economic growth in Mina Rashid, KIKLABB formed. An AED 25 bn project for Emaar. KIKLABB issues licences for both the Free Zone and the Onshore region. KIKLABB workspaces, banking, insurance, accounting, networking, lodging, restaurants and more in addition to licences.

KIKLABB is the ideal choice for companies of all types, industries and sizes, providing both mainland and free zone licencing.

Its unique location aboard the QE2 in Mina Rashid in Dubai provides a prestigious base for entrepreneurs to call home. In addition to state-of-the-art facilities for hosting meetings, conferences, and networking events, KIKLABB features private offices, co-working spaces, and flexible desks.

Benefits of Starting Business with KIKLABB Free Zone

  • Kiklabb does not charge any business fee for the registration of licences.
  • Kiklabb offers grants for industrial and technical use.
  • State of the art location for offices
  • State of the art rooms for meetings
  • Free Customer and Employee Parking Facility
  • Place and address of Premium
  • No Dewa No Dewa No
  • Internet High-speed Facility
  • Dedicated landlines for free
  • Provides reception and call routing facilities
  • Complete Support for IT
  • Daily cleaning facilities at the workplace
  • Services for Printing

Why Establish Your Business in KIKLABB Free Zone?

The legal and financial protection offered by the Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the key reasons why entrepreneurs prefer setting up a business in the KIKLABB free zone. In the present era, the limited liability company is separate from the owners, and the owners of the LLC are not directly responsible for the company's debts, legal proceedings or contractual obligations. Whereas if you intend to set up the company as a sole proprietor, you are entirely responsible for all the debts paid by the company, there is no distinction between personal or business finances.

Setting up a business in the free zone of KIKLABB provides business with its corporate image. An integrated corporation tends to be a better bet for both potential investors, practitioners and more experienced individuals and building a KIKLABB company opens up a lot of market possibilities for potential investors.

Business Setup with KIKLABB Free Zone

KIKLABB, a newly launched Dubai government-owned venture, offers customisable workspace options customised to suit the needs of each company and processes trade licences and visas. Via KIKLABB's collaboration network, clients get access to external services, including banking and insurance.


Hassle-free Dubai Free Zone and DED on-shore licences and KIKLABB take care of everything from documents to issuing permits. Work out of KIKLABB for free while your commercial request is being processed.

  • Open general trading, technical and commercial activities
  • All documents supplied include Trade License, Establishment Passport, AOA/MOA, Share Certificate, Training Certificate,
  • Up to 10 assigning and processing visas (visas are for three years)


Situated on the prestigious QE2, KIKLABB provides private offices, dedicated desks, and co-working areas spread over 10,000 sqft. When they take out a workspace with KIKLABB, members get access to many advantages.

  • Internet with high-speed, up to 250 Mbps
  • No bills or advertisement fees from DEWA
  • Packed with the latest technology, state-of-the-art conference rooms
  • Dedicated landlines and available call forwarding facilities
  • Free parking for customers and their guests on-site
  • Travel concessions, as well as F&B and lodging at QE2
  • Coffee, tea, and water unlimited


KIKLABB Free Zone offer various types of workspaces are -

  • High-tech and pricey private workplaces.
  • Spaces for co-working.
  • Desk Flexi.
  • Place for conference rooms and activities to hold all the business meetings and needs.
  • Free Valet Service Parking facility in KIKLABB Free Zone.


Types of KIKLABB Licenses

KIKLABB does not restrict itself to a single industry or sector and offers a variety of commercial, industrial and technical licences.

Also, it is not limited to one kind of configuration. Including workspace and visa application prices, KIKLABB provides free zone packages as well as DED mainland packages including supporter, agent and signatory solutions.

The Kiklabb free zone provides licences for General Trading, Commercial and Technical Services. Kit Kiklabb Free Zone License covers

  • Trade License
  • Establishment Card
  • Memorandum and Article of Association


Kiklabb Free Zone provides 0 visa licence packages for up to 06 visa licences. The client can pick the company registration package as needed.


Advantages of a KIKLABB License

The setup at KIKLABB provides many advantages. Startup here and your company will take its place in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Dubai, with a spot on the waterfront to call your HQ.

Just 15 minutes from the city centre, less than 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport, KIKLABB is supported by all the services you need to get your businesses running.

KIKLABB is government-owned, allowing a more efficient and transparent method of incorporation. You will be appointed a dedicated team when you start your application, who will handle your trade licence, visa, and bank account applications on your behalf.


Cost of a KIKLABB License

The overall cost of setting up at KIKLABB would depend on all sorts of variables: the office room you need, the number of workers you have the type of licence, and much more.

Interacting with a business formation expert who can tailor a quote to your particular needs is the best way to get a reliable measure.

KIKLABB's free zones licencing through Trade License Zone starts from AED 17,000 as a guide, and we will also add the value of at least AED6,000 with several free start-up elements.


How to Start a Business at KIKLABB?

  1. In starting your business at KIKLABB, there are several critical steps involved. The first step is to secure the services of a trusted UAE company creation expert to direct you through the process.
  2. First, your company formation advisor will help you outline your business needs from over 2,000 activities open to you. You can list up to five task codes on your licence during setup at KIKLABB.
  3. Next, you must choose the name of your company. You'll need to stick to the naming guidelines of the UAE while doing this.
  4. You cannot have in your company name any derogatory or blasphemous words, nor any references to Allah or Islam. You can use it in full rather than just your given name or initials if you choose to use your name in your company name. Also, you need to check that your preferred name is eligible for registration.
  5. Now, applying for your corporate licence is the most critical move. This move can be made for you by your company creation partner, liaising with KIKLABB authorities on your behalf. As well as an authorised form of identification, you will need to provide a few information about you and your company.
  6. As with those of your workers, your visa application will also form part of this process.
  7. During the process, you will need to visit an immigration centre to provide biometric information. A health test, blood test and chest x-ray are also included in the visa application.
  8. It is also possible to support others for their UAE visas as well, such as your children, wife or parents if you meet the salary requirements.
  9. Finally, to trade in the UAE, you would need a corporate bank account. A wide variety of banking institutions, both local banks and foreign brands, are located in the UAE. Bank account opening, however, can be a complicated procedure for overseas business owners, so it is best to apply again with the assistance of a specialist who is well-versed in the process and its requirements.

Get started at KIKLABB.

With confidence and ease, the free zone company creation process in the UAE has been planned. That said the area and its many customs and regulations do require some in-depth knowledge.

That's why it's always advisable to acquire the services of a business setup company that, depending on your needs and your budget, can not only advise on the process but also pursue the most appropriate licence and setup form for your business.

You also achieve peace of mind that your licence and visa applications are free from errors and omissions when you use business setup services, all of which can result in delays and rejection.

All you need to have is some vital documentation and a little knowledge about the essence of your business when you work with a UAE company creation specialist. Then sit back and let the professionals take care of the rest, handling your applications for licences and visas, coordinating with all relevant departments and authorities, and reporting when you are ready to start trading. It's that easy actually.

Business Requirement for KIKLABB Business Setup:

  • Application for KIKLABB FZ registration
  • Copy of MoA and AoA
  • Company board statement for business setup
  • Legal passport of the manager
  • Sample signature of the manager

How Can We Help?

We at Commitbiz will assist you with KIKLABB free zone business setup in Dubai. We cover it all, right from company incorporation to office space. In this area, our advisors have years of experience and can make the process hassle-free. Contact us today for more information.


What is the validity of an employment visa for freezones?

It is valid for 3 years.

Are freezone firms in UAE allowed to own property in Dubai?

Companies in emirates other than Dubai are not permitted to own property in Dubai.

What activities can be carried out in KIKILABB freezone?

There are more than 2000 activities you can do in KIKILABB covering professional, commercial, investment and general trading licenses.

What are the advantages of having a business in KIKILABB

  • 100% foreign ownership

  • Tax-free status

  • Can have 5 shareholders

  • Finest location

  • High-tech facilities and many more

Does KIKILABB provide an onshore license?

Yes, the jurisdiction provides both onshore and freezone licenses.