Things You Should Know Before Your Dubai Trademark Registration

by Zaara 25, Jun 2020

For setting up or commencement of any business in the UAE, the most important step is to register the Trademark. A trademark for a brand can be any name symbol that signifies the product or the service the company is providing.

However, Dubai trademark registration demands more. Read this blog to know all the details.

Can a Dubai Trademark Registration be Rejected?

Yes, Dubai trademark registration can be rejected under the following grounds -

  • Trademark is generic, nondescriptive & non-distinctive
  • The trademark is deceptive & misleading
  • It consists of a geographical location
  • The rights are under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention
  • The rights are under Article 8 of the Paris Convention
  • The rights are under Article 6bis of the Paris Convention
  • The rights are under Article 6septis of the Paris Convention

·        If the mark is hurting public morals or sentiments

Why Register a Trademark in Dubai?

Registering a trademark is the most important part of setting up any business. Trademarks give a distinguished identity to any brand, product or service. If a trademark is registered the brand gets legal recognition accompanied by legal rights. Once a trademark is registered a brand can legally sue any other brand in case of an infringement. So, register a trademark in Dubai before starting a business.

Steps to Register a Trademark in Dubai

The following are the steps to register a trademark in Dubai.

·        Check the Availability of a Trademark

·        Trademark Registration Application

·        Registration Fees

·        Revaluation by the Ministry

·        Publish in the Local Newspaper

·        Certificate of Registration

Who can Carry Out Dubai Trade Mark Registration?

Dubai trade mark registration can be carried out by the following people.

  • UAE citizens (natural or artificial persons) practicing any professional, commercial, industrial service, or business.
  • Foreigners (natural or artificial persons) practicing any professional, commercial, industrial service, or business in UAE.
  • Foreigners (natural or artificial persons) practice any professional, commercial, industrial service, or business in any country on the terms of reciprocity.

The stronger the trademark, the better protection it will have. The best trademarks are suggestive original, arbitrary, descriptive, fanciful, and totally unexpected. Trademarks that are basic or that inadequately showcase and describe products or brands usually receive less protection. Descriptive trademarks also can be registered, but they are weak. A strong mark is said to have a not-so-obvious connection to the services or brands.

Choose Commitbiz for Your Dubai Trademark registration

The above-mentioned steps might look very easy to read but the process can be very complicated at times. While registration even if one step is missed or altered, it may affect the whole registration procedure. It is advisable to hire firms to make this procedure more simplified. Wanting to register a trademark in Dubai? We are here at Commitbiz to help you register your Brand name in the shortest period with maximum efficiency and customized services. In case of any query contact us – we will be happy to help.


What is the period of security of the trademark registered in the UAE?

The economic rights of the author will be secured by the law for as long as the person is alive plus an additional 50 years starting from the first calendar day after the person’s death.

How do I register patents in UAE?

For registering your patent you’ll have to submit an online application to the International Centre for Patent Registration under the Ministry of Economy

Should I pay a fine if I fail to renew my trademark?

If you fail to renew your trademark, you must pay a fee of AED 1,000.

Why is trademark registration in Dubai so necessary?

Trademark registration in Dubai is necessary since it protects your brand by prohibiting others from using it.