All You Need to Know About the UAE’s National Tolerance Policy

by Zaara 22, Apr 2021

The UAE Cabinet took the initiative towards a revolutionary step in laying down the National Tolerance Programme's foundation policy. The policy revolves around strengthening the values of tolerance, and coexistence and discerns the attitude of discrimination against any person. 

The program was launched in June 2016 and stood firm with seven supporting pillars:

  • Islam
  • The UAE's Constitution
  • Zayed's legacy and ethics of the UAE
  • International conventions
  • Archaeology and history
  • Humanity
  • Common values

This article revolves around answering vital questions -

  • What is Tolerance?
  • Five Major Themes
  • Implementation of Themes
  • How Reforms Impacted UAE's Sectors?

What is Tolerance?

In the act of Human Rights, the parameters of fundamental rights and freedoms are considered. As per the stated definition by UN General Assembly Resolution No.51/201-

  • Tolerance is seen as a sign of respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the diversity and countless richness of our world's cultures.
  • Tolerance is to maintain harmony with differences among human beings. We should not glorify tolerance being an imposed legal and political obligation; instead, normalize it as a moral duty

Tolerance is a concept that manipulates the rebellious mind of a peace-lover person. Wars are run by rebels and not guns and other war equipment. It helps in preserving the country's environment, getting destroyed because of conflicts. Moreover, it also helps avoid the pernicious situation where blood flows along with tears like a river stream.

Five Major Themes

The program's implementation is possible due to collaboration with esteemed federal and local entities under five major themes:

  • Strengthening of the government's role as the job holder of an incubator of tolerance
  • Encouraging and increasing the role of the family in the development of the nation's building
  • Creating an environment of tolerance for young people and changing their perspective of fanaticism and extremism
  • Establish the significance of scientific and cultural content
  • Amalgamate international efforts in contribution to foster tolerance and enrich the leading role of the UAE

Implementation of Themes

Strengthening of the Government's Role as the Job Holder of an Incubator of Tolerance

The Main Initiatives:

• International Day for Tolerance (16 November)

Events are organized where activities are played with different bodies to celebrate the International Day for Tolerance.

• Voice of Tolerance

It talks about the presenters' voices who would undertake and be accountable for spreading the UAE's mission of tolerance locally and globally.

• Amendments in UAE laws and regulations would give a higher position to tolerance and boycott the idea of violence and fanaticism.

• Setting standards for national indexes, which would immensely impact the UAE's global competitiveness indexes' rank.

Encouraging and increasing the role of the family in the development of the nation's building

  • Launch of joint initiatives with mutual consent of the Ministry of Interior, which is responsible for addressing all society segments, specifically those serving sentences.
  • Launch mutual initiatives with the esteemed department of the Ministry of Community Development holding the responsibility of resolving queries of various segments of society, particularly married couples
  • Implementation of mutual initiatives with agreeableness with -
  • the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development
  • the Ministry of Education addressing teachers and students
  • the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments
  • the Family Development Foundation

How Reforms Impacted UAE's Sectors?

These reforms have boosted the UAE's sectors and encouraged those who want to establish a business in the UAE.

Education industry

It is all about transforming minds and directing them toward the path of peace. It is a golden opportunity for educational institutes to participate in the reform of the National Tolerance Program.

UAE has taken the step for improving the Federal Education Sector; the emirates school is established to enrich the learning system. An integrated educational system contributes to revolutionizing the education sector of the UAE.

Business Sector

Tolerance International Conference is planned and organized to address countries' tolerance policies. These policies are focused on extending the branch of collaboration with countries. It helps persuade potential investors from foreign countries to come forward and set up companies in the UAE.

 Moreover, various profit-driven business opportunities for foreigners in the UAE also contribute to the foreign direct investment rate.

In Summation

Tolerance is not concession, condescension, or indulgence. We can sum up this article by defining tolerance as a concept that empowers universal human rights. The application of tolerance shows the open-mindedness of accepting others while adhering to their convictions.

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Does UAE encourage multi-cultural businesses?

Yes, UAE always welcomes different businesses through its friendly laws and supportive policies. It has also introduced a tolerance policy to support multi-cultural initiatives.

When was the year of tolerance in UAE?

2019 was the UAE’s year of tolerance.

What is the focus of the UAE through tolerance policy?

  • Deepen tolerance and co-existence values

  • Make UAE the global capital for tolerance

  • Implement multi-cultural programmes

  • Contribution to cultural and religious tolerance

  • Tolerance promotion through media

The key pillars of tolerance policy are:

  • Islam

  • The UAE's Constitution

  • Zayed's legacy and ethics of the UAE

  • International conventions

  • Archaeology and history

  • Humanity

  • Common values

What is the Corporate Tolerance Policy?

It is the initiative by the government for private and public organisations that helps to measure the organisation’s efforts for tolerance.