All You Need to Know about the E-commerce Business in Ajman

by Zaara 26, Sep 2019

The emirate of Ajman is the smallest out of the seven. The capital of Ajman is the city of Ajman, for clarification, one is the emirate and the other is a city. Ajman is ideally placed not too far from Sharjah and Dubai. It also has access to two international airports as well as four ports. Therefore it is well connected around. Ajman Free zone happens to be the only free zone in Ajman. It has played a pivotal role in the commercial success of Ajman in the previous years. The world-class infrastructure and the supportive government make it very easy to start an E-Commerce Business in Ajman.

The E-commerce business UAE has seen explosive growth in the last few years. Within almost every commodity and good available online for delivery, the convenience and speed have been increasing at a fast pace. The need for traditional stores reducing, the market for E-commerce is looking bright. With websites like Alibaba and Amazon covering a huge chunk of the market, other online services are also on the roll toward E-Commerce.

This Ajman Free Zone Authority is apex authority in providing licenses in Dubai. In 2013 they launched the E-Commerce License for the E-Commerce Enterprises with the intention of helping Online Entrepreneurs to partner up with free zones to dive into the E-commerce Sector of the GCC.

This License applies to B2B as well as B2C. UAE tops the list for the most number of online shoppers in the Middle East. This license covers E-Trading, as well as technical and marketing support to investors. The Deputy General Manager in a conference said

The Number of E-Commerce Licenses issued in Ajman increased by 35 per cent in 2016. The Free Zone stated that there has been a huge increase in demand for these licenses due to the convenience of registering new E-commerce entities through the e-services provided by the Free Zone Authority as well as facilities to do online transactions from all over the world.

The E-Commerce market is growing immensely especially with the mobile phone market. “We have created a perfect platform for new and upcoming entrepreneurs as well as for large mature investors at Ajman Free Zone, one reason we have been able to grow investments into the free zone at a phenomenal pace. By putting in place digital capabilities and channels for investors to reach us, Ajman Free Zone has been able to be at the forefront of investment facilitators in the UAE,” said Rishi Somaiya the director of the Ajman Free Zone.

In the past, These E-Commerce Entrepreneurs had no access to the E-Commerce License. The only option they had was to obtain a standard trading license with specific activities similar to E-Commerce activities.

Advantages of Setting up E-Commerce Business in Ajman

  • In the Ajman Free Zone, 100 Percent foreign ownership is allowed and full repatriation of the profits as well as capital.
  • The Ajman free zone authority has free registration which makes it less expensive than other free Zones in the UAE.
  • The processes are very simple and straightforward. The presence of single window clearances for different services like licensing, immigration, and visa eases the entire registration process.
  • Foreign investors also have the opportunity of getting 20-year leases which are renewable for another 20 years. This makes the effective tax exemption period for 40 years.

Key Factors

The licensing for E-Commerce in Ajman is not an easy task and it is always advisable to get the help of Business Consultants to make the process hassle-free.

  • The field of the E-commerce sector has to be looked into, there might be certain markets already saturated
  • An overall idea of the potential market is to be understood before starting off. The Website is the heart and soul of an E-Commerce Business.
  • The user interface and all customer related parts have to be top notch for a successful business.
  • Search Engine Optimisation has to be utilised most effectively to divert traffic which is the driving factor in any business.
  • Entrepreneurs usually tend to forget the reviews that are posted. Since first-hand opinions of people are given more importance than what the website portrays, it is important in today’s age to be consistent and not have mishaps. Good reviews will only boost the value and reputation of the website.

Looking to start an E-Commerce business in Ajman?

Right from licenses all the way to product marketing, we at Commitbiz would be happy to help you set up your very own E-commerce chain at Ajman. Contact us and we’ll guide you all the way from the start.