All you need to know about IBTEKR

by Zaara 24, Jun 2021

All you need to know about IBTEKR

Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation has organized 'Ibtekr,’ an awareness-raising initiative to implement and foster the idea, goals, value, and tools of innovation across the UAE government. The seminar was arranged into a roadshow around the various Emirates in the UAE. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah. More than 2,000 federal and local government staff attended an immersive conference in the UAE.

The forum aims to promote the culture and ideas of creativity and new creative tools and global approaches. It will inspire young Arab minds to cultivate their creative spirit. The stability of nations is related to their capacity to create a climate that nurtures modern sciences. Government creativity is the basis for all forms of growth and the driving force for shaping the future.

The Ibtekr platform, which can be reached by accessing, includes the Government Innovation Labs course to shape the future, a detailed academic course that incorporates government innovation labs and applies them to the work environment of government bodies. It will provide leaders with comprehensive tools and acquaint them with the right brainstorming methods to develop innovative ideas that can be implemented effectively.

The "Ibtekr" forum was established to spread the culture of creativity, develop the Arab nation’s potential, and share the popular Government Innovation Models of His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of the UAE. It aims to attract over 30 million people worldwide; the Ibtekr network seeks to promote a generation of Arab innovators and potential leaders.

Ibtekr Platform also provides high-quality Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) produced by Arab scholars, scholars, and UAE government officials. It offers the ability to participate for free in several courses for all Arab speakers and awards MBRCGI approved student certificates.

The Ibtekr platform also provides a range of scientific tools and methodologies designed to raise awareness of the value of creativity and develop the capacity to plan and execute creative ideas. Ibtekr is hosting groundbreaking encounters from various countries that have demonstrated their developments at the government’s edge as part of the 2018 World Government Summit. It challenged the guests to learn in fresh and sometimes counterintuitive ways about how our era’s public issues should be tackled.

The Ibtekr platform will host an integrated content collection with an e-library containing thousands of books, references, academic articles, surveys, and international statistical analyses in all Arabic and English disciplines. It will give masterclasses with leading Arab and foreign leaders, live streaming for advanced sessions, and seminars to improve innovation skills and talks with leading experts worldwide.

The Ibtekr platform will also provide the Innovators Society to link Chief Innovation Officers with a global network of consultants and professionals to exchange expertise and best practices locally and globally.

To facilitate a culture of innovation, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation arranged a series of inspiring seminars entitled 'Ibtikar Talks.’  The talk highlights government innovation’s value, especially in providing services, improving process quality, and keeping up with the new technical and technical innovations.

Ibtikar Talks series aims to support the government sector in achieving a radical and comprehensive transformation in its operating model, enhancing cooperation between the various government entities to integrate innovation efforts at the national level and stimulate innovation in the National Innovation Strategies.

How does the platform work?

An Advanced Digital Training and Supporting Government Innovation Network for Arab Government Workers.

Network of Innovators

A network of professional experts and innovators who share their expertise and experience in creating and dialogues with inspiring Arab and international celebrities who have helped to increase awareness of the value of creativity and capacity building

Rich Contents

A robust knowledge base tracks internationally best practices relevant to government innovation and tracks innovative Arab governments’ activities on a single forum.

Education Courses

Both of them offer new global methodologies and practical tools that stress the value of creating a culture of creativity through government departments because of its essential role in solving problems, improving resources, and growing job performance.

The "Ibtikar" platform does not inherently contain any of the global solutions discussed in this article. The platform seeks to offer and disseminate knowledge and insights most comprehensively and efficiently to benefit from them. Consequently, the information does not represent the views or opinions of the forum or the UAE government. It could also modify or delete any material to give rise to any benefit, offend belief, or contradict the website’s policies.

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